Mesh Swimsuits

I can’t wait for the next girl I date to get this swimsuit….. I’ve told you guys because that the first ‘present’ I give a girlfriend is a Wicked Weasel bikini.  So far I’ve bought 4 of them and the response has been pretty positive, even if one chick thought it was hilarious.

Wicked Weasel is more of a ‘bedroom/naughty’ swimsuit and I’m guessing this one piece g-string won’t be worn to the pool for any lap swimming……

I have a really fun FMF swimsuit threesome movie over on my site if you’re interested.

Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

Mesh One Piece Swimsuit


Nothing much to report here guys, I’m loving this day/night test match (cricket) that is being played in Adelaide!!!

What I’m working on right now is an old school speedo movie, I’ll be posting details of it on my Aussie Speedo Guy blog so drop over there to check it out in the next couple of days.

I want to give you guys some eye candy though, you know I love tanlines.  I love speedo tanlines, Wicked Weasel tanlines and I think it is kinda hot to see chicks wearing one piece swimsuits (which I find strangely hot) with bikini tanlines.

I’m such a weirdo I know – hahaha.  These girls look just amazing!!!

Amazing TanlinesOne Piece TanlinesBikini Tanline