Slack Bisexual Blogger

This is a new record for sure of me not posting.

I’ve been busy but not super busy. I’ve been writing about waking up a few Sunday’s ago with two other people in my bed, which I’m hoping to share with you guys as soon as it is finished, but that is no excuse.

I definitely go through phases where I’m posting more but never not posting in 5 days.

Being mud season here Kip and I are snowboarding a little bit over at Arapahoe Basin but there is still too much snow around to do any real hiking or anything else. I was thinking of heading down to Aussie for a month or so but some friends on the Central Coast told me that although the weather has been gorgeous, the water temp went from 21C to 15C in a week (I’m assuming change in currents).

I do have an idea to make things a little more fun around here though…. I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend guys!!!

Gay Couple

Night out with the boys

Tonight I’m heading out with some mates of the married couple I know in San Francisco – I suppose they are pretty much the only people I know thus far in San Francisco.

Bit of a boys night although I don’t think any of the guys I’m about to meet are gay so it is probably more of a pussy hunting mission.

One thing that did happen today though – I got an email from the couple that I hooked up with on New Years Eve. For those of you who don’t remember or are new here, I found this couple on Craigslist and we had one hell of a hot time one afternoon. I hadn’t been in touch with them since the ‘encounter’ but they now follow this blog and when they saw I was back in the city dropped me an email.

I’m not sure when we’ll catch up but I think it is definitely on the cards – playing with a couple on a semi regular basis would be fantastic.

If you want to read about my New Years Eve threesome I wrote about it here. It is in 3 parts and here is the link to each part in order:

  • Part 1 – Joining in with husband and wife
  • Part 2 – Wife sucking me off
  • Part 3 – Fuck my arse with that Aussie cock

I hope you guys have a fun Friday night and wish me luck – I think I’ll wear my lucky AussieBum Portsea’s under my jeans tonight – it is always fun to see the reaction of people when they know that I’m wearing speedos.0

Bisexual Blogging

Someone wrote to me recently saying that too many of my posts on here are speedo related – and that when they want to see speedo photos they go to my other blog

It was a good point and I’m going to do some updates on this over the next couple of weeks (I’ve never been in love with this blog design).  And I promise to post more bisexual posts.

Is it blond or blonde?

I was writing something this morning and I wasn’t sure if blond had an e at the end or not. Turns out there is a masculine and a feminine – goes back to the Frenchies.

So a guy is blond and a girl is blonde.  I never know that – goes to show you can learn something every day.

I don’t have a blond hair on my body and I’m not sure I’m ‘out of the closet enuf’ to get the blond hair style but I do love blonds and blondes!!!

Who ever thought you could learn something reading a bisexual blog.

Here are some blonds and blondes……