A Week Ago Today

It was a week ago today that I was up to my nuts in Rachel (and Taz’s guts).  It was a really good time and I hope I get to hang out with them again, it is only a 10 hour drive north to their place.

I’ve been writing about it extensively, writing more about my experiences with Taz because that is more interesting to most of you guys.  Over the next week or so I’ll be publishing more.  I always publish my writing on SpeedoFetish.com first, then I’ll post some or all of the story here or on AussieSpeedoGuy.org.

If you want to read all my stories, go over and check them out on SpeedoFetish.com.

Here are some photos that reminded me this morning or what I got up to last week…..

It starts like this…… a little bit of encouragement from an open minded girl.

Beginning of a threesome

Then everybody gets in the grove and all inhibitions are forgotten.

Two guy threesome

And the final act… when everyone is familiar with each other.  This is my favourite threesome position.

Bisexual Threesome Position

Bisexual Threesomes

I’m a huge fan of threesomes and I have had some experience with bisexual two guy threesomes.

It was in October that I joined a couple from the ocean swimming club for ‘coffee’ which turned in a bisexual threesome.  I was impressed how eager the husband was to suck my cock, with some urging from his wife.  Click here to read what I wrote about that experience.

It was a bisexual threesome experience years ago that started me blogging.  It was so amazingly hot I felt like I had to share it with somebody so I wrote about it.

You can read about my first threesome on my site SpeedoFetish.com.

Threesome Enthusiasm Counts

This morning I woke up super horny, I was dreaming about last Sunday’s threesome with the couple from the ocean swimming club (just scroll down a few posts to read about it).

What turned me on so much about that threesome was just how eager/keen/enthusiastic the wife was.  She was really excited to have two guys there and encouraged us guys to be open minded.

So waking up horny, I quickly put on some of my favourite MMF threesome porn.  This movie is hot because the three people are gorgeous but I love it because it starts with a couple by the pool and when the third guy arrives, the chicks looks delighted and seems to love having the two guys.

Devils Threesome

How I watch porn is by logging in to my site SpeedoFetish.com.  Originally I created that site to store my favoruite speedo photos and since then it has grown in to a massive porn collection with 100’s of hours of good quality movies, photos and models (amateur and professional).  Since I use the site myself to watch porn it has no popups or any of that kind of crap.

It is only $4.95 to join, I think it is worth it.  Swing by and check it out.  There is a Bisexual Movies page which has some more random stuff like this movie.  www.SpeedoFetish.com/bisexualmovies.asp