Forced Bi

Last night I had dinner with some friend in the city, and it was lovely.  On the coast in Australia I usually feel over dressed but in London I feel under dressed.

My friends are a gay couple and both guys had long term girlfriends in their past and one of the guys was explaining how when his girlfriend found out he was curious she totally lost it and it was the end of their relationship.

It wasn’t that long ago and he couldn’t believe that it was so offensive to her.  He wasn’t cheating or talking about cheating.  This girl and her friends all claimed to be liberal and open minded and of course they were proud of when they kissed other girls but a guys bisexuality was too hard to handle.

I get that vibe as well from a lot of people, in theory they love the concept of bisexuality but in real life and real relationships it is too scary perhaps.

During this conversation I said that a girl who loved by bisexuality would be the perfect girl for me.  I’d love to play the ‘Forced Bi’ fantasy…….

Two Girl Threesome

When it comes to bucket lists, mine is pretty empty.  There are a lot of things I have done but to date I have not had a threesome (or foursome, or moresome) with more than one girl.  To be honest i haven’t even come close to it but I am eager as pretty much every str8 guy on the planet is.

As you guys know, I’ve had many threesomes with the combination being two guys and a girl, some bisexual where us guys played and some str8.  I preferred the bisexual ones, that way everyone was just enjoying whatever was on offer.

I would assume I’d like my two girl threesome to be with girls that are into each other at least a little bit as well, seeing two girls making out is pretty hot on its own…..

Threesome Tonight

Looks like I am having a threesome with a couple just north of me here tonight!!!

I’m pretty excited as you can imagine.  How this came about is a little different though.  I was talking to a guy on Grindr, a little back and forth and we didn’t end up connecting because he was just passing through town.  During our chatting he asked me what my ultimate combination is, I replied:

A male/female couple who are both bisexual is my perfect combination.

Then he pointed out a guy who was out of my Grindr ‘range’ who’s name is “Bisex 3some”  I hit up that guy and turns out he and his wife love adding an extra guy.

They are a little older than me, hot from the photos I’ve seen and they sound experienced.

Wish me luck and I’ll let you guys know how it goes later this week.

MFM Threesome

Why Were Strap Ons Invented?

While I have only been fucked with a strap on once, I am a fan.

And what a versatile sex toy…. so many possible combinations.

A girl fucking a guy as I’ve had done to me.

Pegging with a strap on

Girl on girl lesbian strap on sex, which I’d love to watch.

Lesbian Strap On Sex

A two guy threesome where everyone effectively has a cock.

MMF Bisexual Strap On Threesome

Or a two girl threesome where the luck guy gets pounded by two girls with strap ons.  I would very much like to try this…..
Guy Pegged By Two Girls with Strap Ons

Which would be your favourite strap on combination?