Peeping Tom

I heard a very interesting story last night about my str8 fuck buddy Alex…..

One of the guys was telling me about how the crew went for a ski trip a couple of years ago (they were staying at the Station Resort in Jindabyne which I’ve stayed at on high school ski trips).  Turns out Alex and his girlfriend went home instead of partying and someone came back to get something from a shared hotel room.

Turns out my mate glanced in the window before he walked into the hotel room and saw Alex getting a blowjob from his girlfriend.  Apparently, Alex was wearing a black speedo and his girlfriend was wearing a black thong (nothing else).  It was pretty funny hearing this from a str8 friend who obviously doesn’t know that I’ve been on my knees in front of Alex in a similar position.

My str8 mate who was telling me this story was pretty hammered and I told him that must have been hot (Alex’s girlfriend is pretty hot) and he agreed.  Told my that it was one for the ‘wank bank’.

I wonder if there is anyway I can use this information to my advantage with Alex’s girlfriend…..

Speedo Suck
Super Hot Blowjob

Black Swimsuit

Yesterday I posted some great pics of guys wearing classic black speedos.  It is my ‘go-to’ speedo when hanging out at the pool and last week at the pool Alex and I were standing beside the pool and both of us wearing black speedos which must have been one hell of an eye full for anyone who was watching.

I thought that I should post some pics of girls wearing a classic black one piece speedo.

Darn these girls are hot!!!

Black SwimsuitADIDAS One Piece SwimsuitClassic Black SwimsuitBeautiful Black Swimsuit

Speedo Friendly Neighbour

I meant to mention to you guys that yesterday I was showering outside (there is a shower attached to the outside wall of my townhouse, it is only cold water and intended to be used to rise off after being the surf).

So I was showering outside wearing a pair of black Arena speedos and one of the neighbour chicks walked around the corner.  She wanted to know if I’d like to have dinner on Sunday with them.

She made no reaction at all and we chatted for 5 minutes or so just me standing there in my speedo.

Later that afternoon we had some beers in the back yard.  Nice to see a girl who is open minded and doesn’t bat an eyelid about guys in speedos.

True Speedo Fan

Speedo Sex

Last night was awesome!!!

After my awesome steak BiBoarder arrived. I answered the door wearing a pair of boardies, my black speedos underneath and nothing else.

BiBoarder (I’ll refer to him by his Grindr username) looked just as hot as the pics that we had shared, real athletic look, short brown hair and about my height. I offered BiBoarder a drink and as I was in the kitchen grabbing a couple of beers I turned around to see BiBoarder in nothing but his blue nike speedos.

An hour later we returned to the kitchen, I was wearing the blue nike speedos and BiBoarder was wearing my black ADIDAS speedos. The beers on the bench were warm so I grabbed two cold ones out of the fridge and we hit the hottub.

Gay Couple in SpeedosGay Couple