Arena Speedos

Hey guys, this is the last day to order some Arena speedos from a speedo fan who happens to have the Asian Arena distribution licence.  These are my favourite speedos right now, darn they are hot!!!

If you are interested, click here to see the directions in a post from last week to order some.

I’ve taken a bunch of selfies of me wearing these over the last week or so.  I would love to take a selfie video for you guys…. interested?

This movie (again, members get the full version but I’ve given a sample for everyone to watch), is a guy who is a little slimmer than I am but he is wearing the exact same black Arena speedos.  There are currently 8 orders and I’m going to order a red and navy pair.

Locker Room Speedo Selfies

It feels like I haven’t left the Australian summer the weather is so nice here…. that isn’t exactly what I want though being here for snowboarding.

After some turns this morning with Kip I went to the pool for a swim.

While I’m loving these new Arena speedos, they are just a little bit too skimpy for lap swimming.  Particularly when I’m the only one at the pool wearing a speedo.  So today I wore a pair of square cut shorts over them to maintain some level of modesty for these poor anti-speedo Americans.

After my swim I did take some more selfies for you guys…. of course members of this blog and get to see all of my selfies.  Interested in joining?  It really is worth it – click here to join now.Locker Room Speedo Selfies

Get inside my speedos

Late last year I was approached by a fan and member who is the official distributor for Arena in the Asian region.  He was just seeing if I might be interested in his Asian/Japanese Style Arena speedos.  I said sure and ordered a pair of black, size 38 (a size and a half bigger than I wear in say ADIDAS).

I expected them to take a while to be delivered so I had them sent to Kip here in Colorado.  So, when I arrived last week, they were waiting for me.

These are the best speedos I have ever owned!!!

I totally love them and haven’t barely taken them off since I first put them on (Kip might have pulled them down to get access to some of my parts of course).

I’m going to order some more and I can get a discount if anyone else is interested.  They took nearly a month to be delivered to the US (which sucks) but it was worth the wait now that I have them.

They are available in Red, Navy and Black (I’ve got the black, will be ordering Navy and Red for me) and sized 28 to 38.  Again, I went a size and a half larger, could gave gone two sizes larger and they would be fine.

Asian style speedos I’ve ordered in the past have been close to like US$50 which is too much for me and this guy has offered me them for US$30.  I think that is pretty good.  I’m going to pass that on to you guys and if you are a member, I’ll pay the shipping.

If you’d like a pair of these speedos here is how you go about it.

  1. Email me – the following
    – What speedos your want (colour and size)
    – The address you would like them shipped to
    – Your username if you are a member of the blog or
  2. Send $30 per pair to my PayPal account –

When I receive your order I will confirm it with you.  I’ll be placing the order at the end of the weekend.

Arena Red Speedo

Kip and I will take some more photos of me wearing mine over the next few days.

Arena Speedos

My Speedo Selfies

I was talking via email with a new member today who complimented me on my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedo selfies.

He thought my hairy chest was ‘dreamy’.  I had to explain that I went through puberty later.  When I graduated high school I was short and fat (and a virgin).  I can’t remember if I had hair under my arms but I know for sure that I didn’t shave.  I remember having a PE (Physical Education) class in 9th grade and some of the guys on the swim team were men…. hairy chest, hairy arm pits and pubes.  I was half a decade behind.

I am catching up though…. now I’m 6 foot 2 and over the last 5 years or so I’ve gotten hairy.  Hairy chest, hairy ears, hairy nostrils.  I still don’t have any pubes – hahaha.

I remember thinking what a huge man my Dad is, he is a good looking guy, and when I was younger I was short and fat and didn’t think I was anything like him.  Now, I’m the spitting image of him.

Here are a bunch of photos of me in my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos taken over the last year.  They are only available to members because I’m not out to my Dad or the rest of my family.  The idea of the members area is so that I can post some more personal things and keep some level of privacy.

I’d love it if you became a member, it is only $5.  You can join using PayPal or your credit card and it comes up as Gocah Limited as the transaction to keep things discrete on your end.  Click here to join and you can be a part of it.