Aussie Rules Final

Since my Aussie fans are a minority of blog readers, I’m guessing most of you guys won’t know that it is Grand Final Day here in Australia.

I’ve got a feeling that a lot of you guys have never even watched the game that is being played, Australian Rules Football (AFL).

Of all our ‘football’ sports, including soccer, I think AFL players are the hottest.  They run a lot more so the team isn’t stacked with beefcakes like the two rugby’s and they are still real men (unlike soccer which in Australia is for pussies whose Mum wouldn’t let them play real football).  Hahahaha.

The best thing about AFL is the short shorts.  I never played AFL but I love wearing shorty shorts – haha.

I’m watching the game over at Alex’s place with the crew so it will be a big afternoon with the Sydney Swans playing.

I do remember once watching a Rugby Union final between the Australian Wallabies and the New Zealand All Blacks with a fuck buddy (chick) who was from New Zealand.  For some reason we ended up watching the match at home and we had a wager that for ever point that the All Blacks scores, I’d eat her out for that many minutes.  Of course, for every point the Wallabies scores, she would suck me for that many minutes.

It sucked…. well it didn’t really suck because Australia got spanked and I didn’t get to watch much of the game – hahaha.

Too big a crowd tonight to play that with Alex but maybe we can make a side bet.

Pussy Eating


Did you guys know that blonde is female and blond is male?  I only just found that out.

Anyone, someone who reads my blog hung out at Kip’s place over the weekend.  He asked me not to write about it and since I value my discretion I will not discuss what we got up to.  But, this guy was surprised when he met Kip, firstly that Kip is so handsome for a computer geek AND that Kip is blond.  I didn’t think I had lead anyone astray but yes Kip is hot and blond.

I honestly don’t have any bias when it comes to hair colour, as long as pubic hair is maintained appropriately – hehehe.  But, when it comes to chicks, I have only ever been with blondes.  Again, not any personal bias, just the way things have worked out….

It isn’t that I prefer blondes, it is that blondes prefer me?

Here are some gorgeous blonde chicks… tomorrow I will post some pics of gorgeous blond guys.

Bikini in the PoolTopless BlondeNaked BlondeBlonde FIngering Herself

Deep Attraction

Last night I had nothing on at all – I dunno what happened, some friends were out of town.

I’ve been working a LOT since I got back from Australia and I worked pretty much all day yesterday (Saturday). All of a sudden I looked at the clock and it was 5pm and I had pretty much got out of bed, sat at my desk and only gotten up for bathroom breaks and coffee top ups – I didn’t even have breakfast or lunch.

When I realised how late it was I poured a drink and let a movie I was redering tick over – the movie will be live early next week and I’ll upload a sample for you guys.

After a few drinks – which went to my head a little quicker than usual because I hadn’t eaten all day I thought that I should get out.

I’m a single guy, living in the the big smoke.

I showered, got dressed and walked out the door about 10pm.

Long story short I went to a couple of bars, spoke to a few people but nothing special. At the last bar though I saw this gay couple and one of the guys was blond and absolutely gorgeous. I can’t put my finger on anything specific, he had a hot body but there are lots of hot bodies out there. I don’t know what it was but I would have dropped to my knees in a heart beat.

The only other time I’ve felt that deep of an attraction was to a girl at my first party after high school – nothing came of that either.

Here are some blond cuties for you guys to feast your eyes on – I definitely have some mental pictures that will help me get off for the next week or so.