Top, Bottom and Versatile

Lately I haven’t been blogging much but I have been fucking Alex and his boyfriend a bit.  They are coming over later for some fun.

The three of us are a perfect combination, Alex is a bottom, his boyfriend is a top and I love topping and bottoming just as much.  Being in the middle of those two, my cock inside Alex, his boyfriends cock inside me it pretty intense.

Here are some tastey looking butts to get me in the mood for anal sex.

Speedo ButtTight ButtTight Buns

A beer after work turns into 4am finish

A lazy Thursday afternoon turned into a 4am bender here at chez-Evans.

A friend of mine in town got engaged that morning and a few of the lads came around for a drink at my place. The groom-to-be didn’t stay until 4am (I can’t imagine that would be the best way to start off the marriage). A couple of the boys called in sick but 2 of them actually made it to work – I don’t know how that was even possible.

It is those impromptu sessions that are the most dangerous and Thursday evening proved that.

Good thing is – today is Saturday and I’m back to feeling like a human again. Some of my local crew here are heading out tonight but I am going to behave myself and have a quiet Saturday night at home (I might see if I can find someone to keep me company for an hour or so but we’ll see).