Str8 Masculine Guys in Speedos

One thing I have been enjoying at the pool is how everyone pretty much wears speedos.

There are a few guys wearing jammers but otherwise it is very speedo friendly, which I think it should be considering you are swimming laps.

Age and even body type doesn’t seem to matter at all, there are some older guys, the ones I’ve seen have been pretty fit though which is awesome and they wear speedos.

I think it is awesome to see masculine, str8 (I’m assuming most of the guys are str8) guys wearing speedos and not thinking anything about it.  Now we just have to convince guys to wear speedos at the beach, that doesn’t happen too much here.

Rugby Guys in SpeedosPlaying in the Surf in Speedos

Lockroom Sex

Yesterday I was at the pool a little later and got more of the crowd of people coming home from work.

Lots of fit guys who I don’t normally see during the day.  Since there was more of a chance of guys in the change room I decided I’d have a shower after swimming.  Normally I just put down my towel and take off my shirt and shorts at the end of the lane and jump in, then do the opposite coming out.  I don’t mind the clorine since I normally jump into the surf when I get home.

My change room idea was a dud since there was barely anyone in there and nobody was very social at all apart from the usual g’day.

I’ve had a couple of change room experiences in Australia years ago, nothing while I was in Colorado and nothing here so far….  I can still hope though.

It is great to see lots of speedos at the pool, I saw some guys wearing jammers but I don’t think I saw anyone swimming laps not wearing a speedo.

Speedos in the Change Room

DE Swimwear

Vegas is over and done with…. I’m writing this post while sitting in the back of my Durango as we drive through Utah (not sure if I’ll be able to publish this until we get into the hotel tonight).

Our plan is to crash somewhere in Utah tonight, then spend tomorrow night in Moab (now that the Government is open again we can visit the nation parks) and be back in Breckenridge on Tuesday.

Whenever I get away or change where I live, I feel motivated. One project that I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into is my line of DE Swimwear. I’ve had a great response from guys who wear them, my manufacturer is great to work with and I love wearing them. I just need to get off my butt, spent the time and the money and get it done.

Another swimwear company, Budgy Smugglers looks to be doing great and I love how much fun they bring to their speedos. I’ve had one pair of their speedos and they are just a plain lycra that wasn’t the best quality but I love their angle and their enthusiasm and that their promo stuff has lots of girls!!!

Speedos and BeerSpeedos and BeerYellow Aussie SpeedoBudgy SmugglersBudgy Smuggler