Chickened Out

Sunday night here in Colorado and it is DUMPING snow.  I’ve had a few trips here now and I’ve never seen it with this much snow around.  It is awesome.

Kip and I snowboarded a little on Saturday but it was bloody busy.  Then we went out and partied with some of Kip’s mates, ended up back in the hottub for some sloppy drunk sex (just Kip and I) and we had decided that we’d sleep in so we did that.  Then had some hungover sex throughout the afternoon.

I felt like I needed to get out and do some kind of exercise and kill the last of my hangover so I went to the Breckenridge Rec Center for a late afternoon swim. I’ve been swimming a bit back in Aussie, at least 3 times a week but swimming at 9,000 feet above sea level is a lot different.  My split times are way down.

Because speedos aren’t really done here I wore jammers but might speedo it up next time.  I think it is funny that guys will walk around the change room naked, but then put on dork shorts to lap swim?  What is with that?

The place is pretty busy so I doubt there is any real option of some locker room fun but if I speedo it up maybe I’ll get some attention.

OK guys, I think I need to pour some duty free, strip down to my speedos and get in the hottub with Kip…. quiet night because we have to get first chair tomorrow.

Lockerroom Blowjob

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My Sex Selfies

Have any of you guys got in trouble for selfies?

So far, I haven’t gotten in to any trouble I didn’t want – hehehehe.

I do have some selfies of the Surfer Chick and I from a year or so ago.  One is me wearing my red Arena speedos, one is me wearing a pair of very see through white Dave Evans Swimwear speedos and in both she is wearing a black Wicked Weasel.  If you guys are interested, I might post that gallery in the members area – leave a comment.

Check out these selfies – which colour do you like the most?

Red is my choice.

Amateur Speedo SelfieBlue Speedo Selfie

Check these speedo selfie jerk off movie out –

Lockerroom Blowjob with Alex

Today I caught up with Alex for a swim, probably the last time we’ll see each other for over a month.  We haven’t really seen each other since our foursome a couple of weeks ago either.

I’ve had a couple of public pool locker room experiences and the most recent was back in December with Alex. It was super horny, when would that not be horny?  But Alex said he was incredibly turned on by the thought of getting caught.

So today after we had swam 2.5kms Alex said he wanted to give me a goodbye present….. in the lockerroom.

He told me to swim another lap and to meet me in there, that way it didn’t look quite as obvious…. but still pretty obvious.

Alex had been wearing a pair of black lycra speedos while doing laps but when I walked into the lockerroom I found him in the disabled shower (it is bigger) wearing a red speedo with his cock out slowly stroking it!!!

We didn’t even kiss, I think the first part of my body to touch Alex’s was my lips on the head of his cock.

Alex didn’t last long at all before his cock was pulsing and his cum was filling my mouth.  It was a big load and I took it all (it wasn’t my first time).  By now I was really horny, I was wearing a pair of navy blue Arena speedos which are a slightly loose fit and my cock was straining the front of them big time.

I waited until Alex’s cock stopped pulsing/spasming, then I tucked him back into his red speedos (which his girlfriend bought him for a costume party).  I stood up and went to kissing him but Alex was down on his knees before I had a chance.  Alex sucked his first cock not that long ago and he is proving a natural – he is eager which is worth more than technique in my mind.

Alex pulled my cock out of the leg of my speedos and I leaned back against the wall.  Looking down at Alex’s eyes as he slid my cock all the way in to the back of his throat was an amazing sight – I’m going to have to get some pics of this to share with you guys!!!

I’d jerked off that morning when I woke up, in my speedos and went for a swim in the ocean to clean them so it surprised me when I felt my orgasm coming on.

Being a public lockerroom I tried to be quiet but I’m sure if there was someone else in there, they would have heard what was going on.

I’m off to Sydney early tomorrow morning and start the 30 or 40 hour journey to Colorado (flight is only 14hrs but it is all the connections and stuff).  I’ve got some blog posts scheduled for you guys and I think you might like them.

Talk to you from the other side of the pond.

Speedo Rub DownRed Speedo Blowjob

Lockroom Sex

Yesterday I was at the pool a little later and got more of the crowd of people coming home from work.

Lots of fit guys who I don’t normally see during the day.  Since there was more of a chance of guys in the change room I decided I’d have a shower after swimming.  Normally I just put down my towel and take off my shirt and shorts at the end of the lane and jump in, then do the opposite coming out.  I don’t mind the clorine since I normally jump into the surf when I get home.

My change room idea was a dud since there was barely anyone in there and nobody was very social at all apart from the usual g’day.

I’ve had a couple of change room experiences in Australia years ago, nothing while I was in Colorado and nothing here so far….  I can still hope though.

It is great to see lots of speedos at the pool, I saw some guys wearing jammers but I don’t think I saw anyone swimming laps not wearing a speedo.

Speedos in the Change Room