Swim Coach

When I was back up in Qld. one of my cousins (about my age) told me that he is coaching Masters swimming one morning a week.  He is a str8 guy (I assume so – but I suppose they assume I’m str8 as well) and he swam a little bit at Uni (college).

When someone says ‘Masters’ to me I’m thinking people over 60yo and he said there is a bunch of oldies but he said at least half the group were late 20’s and into their 30’s.  People training for triathlons as well as people using it as rehab for various injuries.

Maybe it is something I should at here on the Central Coast?  Chicks in one piece swimsuits!!!

I’m not sure if my cousin wears speedos when he is coaching but I can tell you, if I was the coach…. I’d be tenting the front of my speedos.

Anyone here do any Masters squad swimming?

Swimming CoachSex with the Swimming Coach

Blowjob in Speedos

The first time a girl sucked me off, I was wearing a pair of classic black lycra speedos.

Come to think of it, the first time a guy sucked me off (a few years earlier) I was also wearing a pair of black lycra speedos.

The moral of the story?  If you want your dick sucked…. wear speedos.

Swim Coach in SpeedosSwimming Coach ErectionBlowjob in Speedos