CockSox Thongs

I emailed CockSox for this blog post asking if they were interested in contributing some official photos or maybe a pair of CockSox for me but I didn’t hear back from them.

I have one pair of CockSox and they are a weird speedo….. mine aren’t a thong, but the bum is very small and the front pouch thingy works when I’m 50% hard.  Soft and it looks weird, 100% hard and it looks weird as well.

Since we had a nice day here last week weather wise, I thought I’d go to the beach and get some selfies of me in my CockSox…. that gallery is for Members Only (if you want to be a member it is pretty awesome and is only $5 – click here to join).

But I’m not that much of a cock tease, here are some other guys (maybe one of me in there) wearing CockSox.  Do any of you guys own them?  If so, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Nice Cocksox Thong

Happy Thong Thursday guys!!!

I saw this photo the other day, it is a Cocksox thong which looks great.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had a Cocksox product where I liked the front of them. Maybe my cock isn’t big enough or what but it seems like they would look perfect if I had a semi hard on but 90% of the time I’m either rock hard or soft which doesn’t seem to work right.

This thong does look awesome on this guy from behind though.

Cocksox Thong

I have one Cocksox in my speedo drawer, it isn’t a thong but it is tiny.  I can’t remember if it had a drawer string or if I lost it but even if it had one, I don’t think I could really wear this to the pool.  Maybe a nude beach though…..


Most of my selfies are for members only. I’m not out to all/many of my friends and family and while I love posting speedo selfies, I think you can appreciate my discretion. That is the idea of the members area is so I can post some more person things that aren’t 100% open to the public. You can click here to join now for just $5.

Morning Boner

This is what I woke up to this morning.

These speedos are the only pair of CockSox I’ve ever owned.  They are very skimpy, no drawstring and they have that weird cock sock in the front.  It looks awesome when I’m hard but looks kinda weird when I’m not hard…..

Anyone here owned these kind of speedos?  Would love to hear if you like them or not.

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Morning Wood


Last week I posted some pics of NRL Football Player Sandor Earl wearing a pair of Cocksox speedos (click here for that post).

I’ve seen photos of them online before but I’ve never seen them in the flesh. They raise a while raft of questions… what happens when you get hard in that thing? Is the material stretchy enough? I suppose there is only one way to find out – so I just ordered a pair.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think about them but I’d love to hear from you guys if any of you have worn Cocksox before.