Speedo Escort

The topic of escorts came up the other day when I was golfing with some old mates of mine and it got me wondering…. have any of you guys paid for sexual services of a guy or girl?

I haven’t myself but I don’t have a moral objection to it as long as both parties are adults who are consenting to the transaction.

I remember once being asked by a member if I wanted to come along on a trip to Fiji.  He had recently broken up with a long time boyfriend and they had paid for the trip and he was going solo.  So, he asked me if I wanted to go along.  There was no pressure for sex and we both fucked each others brains out but I did think… what if I wasn’t up for sex, was it implied because of the free trip?

(I wrote about my trip to Fiji in detail – [user_account_is#guest][/user_account_is] click here to read about it.[user_account_is#guest] click here to read about it.[/user_account_is]

Here are some photos I posted back in 2006 of a college guy (22yo, pre-med) from Arizona.  If it was legal, I’d pay for some of that – hehehe.

Escort BoiSpeedo EscortGay Speedo Escort


How many of you guys have heard of the term ‘coed’?  This is something I heard when in Colorado but it is not a term I’ve ever heard used before.

I’m pretty sure it means a chick in uni (college as the Americans would say) but does it also apply to blokes?

Here are some amazing photos that were posted on the SpeedoForum.org, in this first photo, I would have sex with every single one of those 7 college students.

Co Ed College Swimming TeamCollege Swimmers in Lycra Speedos

Caught or just showing off?

This morning I was up early and went to the pool for the first time here. It has only been 3 weeks or so since I last swam and my arms feel like lead weights. Otherwise I’ve been pretty well behaved but that should change on Saturday night with another rugby game on and I’ll probably head out on the town and dance my Jack and Coke soaked booty away.

I’ve spoken to a couple of guys from online dating sites but nothing too enticing just yet but I’ll keep trying.

At the pool this morning I had a nice long shower and jacked off. I was fantasizing about someone walking in and catching me. From the look of these guys in these pictures I’m thinking they were more showing off than getting caught but either way it is pretty hot. If I saw this happen I wouldn’t be standing back with a beer in my hand I’d be getting in there.

What do you guys have lined up for the weekend?