International Jock

The weather here in Colorado over the last week has been fantastic. Warm, no wind and Breckenridge opened last Friday. It means that today I was up early, went for an early morning swim, then had 4 runs snowboarding and back in the office by 10:30.

Don’t worry it isn’t all peaches and cream, I fully expect to be working until midnight or so and then I’ll sleep like a baby.

On my list of things to do today is to reply to a request from International Jock who wants to advertise on this blog. Instead of just a static banner ad that maybe we’ll do something more fun.

How about this idea? They offer a pair of speedos from their site up for grabs for a reader each month? Or get their model shoot photo galleries and I can make them available to you guys.

Anyone have any good ideas?

I have ordered from International Jock (I think I ordered some N2N speedos from them) and they seemed good to deal with.

Not sure if ES is sold on International Jock but I’ve been seeing more and more of them around the web these days…. might be because they have some hot photo shoots.

Euro SpeedoES SpeedosES SwimwearES JockstrapEuropean Speedo

Speedo Only Hottub in Vail

Yesterday we delayed out Vail trip because it was freezing and kinda overcast, this was despite me being up at 6am for Christs sake.

But today we did smack up the Vail today and instead of posting before 7am like yesterday, I’m posting after 10pm tonight.

It was awesome and I love Vail, I just can’t afford to live there.

Kip and I caught up with Jeff (he said it was OK to mention his name) who has a holiday house in Vail – yeah it was just as beautiful as it sounds. Jeff was awesome and at the end of the day he took us down the infamous Minturn Mile. Was nice to have a local show us around and after a few margarita’s we headed back to Jeff’s for a hottub and you wouldn’t believe it…. he has the same house rule as Kip does…. speedos only.

I’ll share a little more about that tomorrow morning for you guys but here are some scenery pics of Vail that Kip took. We did take some hottub photos but Jeff asked that we not publish those, maybe in the members area of but we’ll see.

Sleep tight guys.

Minturn SaloonGay VailSnowboaring VailGay SnowboardersGay Lovers Leap - Vail Colorado

Speedos for Australia Day

Summer is heating up in Australia just as things are getting colder here in the Northern Hemisphere. I awoke this morning to an empty bed, I did go to bed with someone, I think her name starts with C but that is about all I can remember. Looking out my window, there was a dusting of white stuff on the ground, the first since I arrived here nearly a month ago now.

However, today in Queensland, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that it was 39C in Brisbane/Gold Coast today – holy smokes that is hot, perfect speedo weather, nearly compulsory speedo weather.

You can add me on the Facebook – click here.

Sometime over the weekend I was looking for some Australian speedos – the best ones I found were a waterpolo speedo made by Turbo (pictured below). I thought I might buy a couple of them for Kip and myself since I’ll be spending Australia Day here in America. It is a Saturday this year which is perfect and I’m sure we’ll have some kind of compulsory speedo event at Kip’s place/hottub.

Anyone got any better ideas for an Aussie speedo?

My Winter Home

This is strange…. me posting before midday on a Saturday. Surprisingly enough Kip and I had a quiet night in last night. I had been kinda excited all day for a big night but when we finally got up from work, poured a drink, sat in the hottub for 45 minutes we were both buggered (hehehe). So we ended up just on the couch and watched the movie Safe House, ow my god, I am in love with Ryan Reynolds!!! I think we both nodded off at some point during the movie.

Not a bad thing at all to wake up early on a Saturday. Well see what happens tonight though….

Yesterday (Friday) was gorgeous and I finally remembered to charge my camera and put it in my pocket. It is a 2 minute walk from Kip’s place to the slopes but being early season we have to catch a shuttle bus to the gondola. There aren’t many cars in the carpark (someone pulled┬áme up the other day here for using carpark – should I use parking garage???).

I can see my house from here!!!

I was surprised how quiet it was – gorgeous isn’t it?!?!?!