Back to Aussie

This weekend is my last here in Colorado and it is going to be busy.  Kip is back in town tomorrow (Saturday), then I am off on Tuesday.  It has been great, lots of snowboarding, lots of hottub fun.

I’ve got a handful of projects that Kip and I have been working on which we have to try and get tidied up although we talk to each other pretty much every day even when we are opposite sides of the planet.  There will be some exciting things for me to share with you guys in the coming weeks as things get polished up.

I think I’ll get a bit of a chance to debrief during the long slog back home.  I’m flying Denver, Salt Lake City, LA then Sydney.  Then jump on the train and get to Gosford train station about 38 hours after I leave here.  It has been worth it though.

One thing I am looking forward to though is seeing real guys at the pool wearing speedos……

Pool SpeedoSpeedo Stretch

Or maybe some guys at the beach in their speedos……

More ClubbiesSurf Club Guys

Snow on the way

I think this photo is so cute, not sure why he is wearing sun glasses underwater but it looks like fun.  Kip one of those GoPro cameras so we might have a play with it tonight in Kip’s hottub.  Not sure if it will come out but we’ll give it a try.

The weather has changed here a little bit and there is snow on the forecast, so much so a “Winter Storm Warning” has been issued starting tonight at 6pm.  We were originally thinking of hitting the town and picking up some guys on Spring Break but with that kind of snow forecast we might end up in bed nice and early.

OK, I’ve gotta fly.

Let me know if you have any hot underwater speedo pics – I’ll post this photo over on the

Underwater Speedo Selfie

Speedo Tanning in Colorado

This is the third day in a row that Kip and I have been hanging outside working on our speedo tans.

The weather here in Colorado has been amazingly warm.  I suppose if it isn’t snowing, it might as well be sunny.

Last week Kip and I went on a bit of a road trip down to Durango (my car is named after that town).  Since then I have been busy catching up so apologies for the lack of posts.  Kip is away next week so I’ll have the house all to myself……

OK, I better get back to it – a great ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ today over on my site and I have some new movies to add today.

Here is some Turbo Swimwear eye candy for you guys.  I am wearing the Turbo’s in the bottom photo (guy on the far right), and Kip is wearing the Aussie flag speedos in the middle photo.

Turbo SwimwearAussie Flag SwimwearMy Speedo

Last Week of Speedos at the Pool

How is your week shaping up guys?

Busy week here as I fly out on Friday for Colorado.  I’ve just added 5 new movies and I’ll post some screen shots of them tomorrow for you guys.

I thought I’d post this photo because today I was at the pool pretty early (10am is early for me and it is after the early morning rush).  When I arrived I noticed a cute guy sitting on the site of the pool wearing a pair of blue speedos.  When I get to Colorado I can swim at the local pool there in Breckenridge but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a speedo at that pool which is a shame.

Cute Pool Boy