Pressured to Wear a Speedo

I’ve never had a girl pressure me into wearing a speedo but I definitely have helped pressure guys into wearing speedos.

I remember my server admin Kip had a speedo only party at his place in Breckenridge and Kip’s sister had a boyfriend who came along. ¬†Most of the guests were gay guys who had no problem wearing a speedo but this guy wasn’t keen.

In the end he was told that he couldn’t hang out unless he speedo’d it up and I gave him a pair of class black speedo brand speedos.

I love these photos below of a guy being pressured into wearing speedos by a chick!!!

Underwater Sex

Recently I’ve found some videos and pics of guys having sex underwater and when I saw this photo set…. that sounds pretty good to me.

I’ve had sex in pools and hottubs with chicks and the lubrication seems to be a bit of an issue so for me it usually turns out to be on the side or more oral.

I’m happy to experiment more though.

And buy the way – today’s ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ and the free movie sample are both of underwater sex between guys – check them out at