I did speedo it up

Yesterday afternoon, I did drop trou (trousers) and speedo it up in front of a bunch of people.  I really don’t think it should be a big deal, everyone in the crew would wear speedos doing lap swimming?

It was late in the arvo and half time on the footy so I went and jumped in the ocean.  My dork shorts were dry and I was wearing those AussieBum square cuts under them.

Alex was chilling out in the house and he said that it got a reaction – I can’t believe it.  Anyways, later in the evening, my neighbor chick ‘Buffy’ (not her real name but a little bit of an inside joke) actually complimented me on my AussieBums.

Again, I know I’m repeating myself, but if we were at the pool swimming laps, it would be weird if someone wore dork shorts.  Just like these people below – how HOT is the couple in the first photo?!?!?!?!

Really Hot Couple in SpeedosCoEd SwimteamReally Cute Couple in Speedo Swimwear

Swimmer Chicks

Growing up, the girls I had crushes on were always swimmers.  A lot of the girls in the surf life saving club were swimmers.

I suppose that is where I got my love for chicks in one piece swimsuits and just swimsuits in general.  Here are some very cute swimmer chicks….

Girls and Guys SwimmingSwimmer CoupleSexy Couples

Cute Couples in Swimwear

Today I’m going to wear my new fluro green speedos to the pool to get in some laps with Alex – they are very bright and I haven’t worn them in public yet, should be interesting to see if I get any reactions.

I would love to get the kind of reaction these guys are getting from the ladies….

White Speedo SolarBeautiful People in Bikini and SpeedoSquare Cut SwimwearCouples Selfie

Swimsuit Weather

Early Saturday morning here in Aussie and I was up nice and early which was weird (for a Saturday at least).

I’ve been working on the members blog and I’m starting to feel happy about it – click here to check it out.

I did just got for a swim, I was wearing white speedos all morning and with the weather warming up and more people on the beach I didn’t think it was really all that appropriate to wear my very very see through white speedos for a swim.

Here in Australia there aren’t a huge number of guys wearing speedos on the beach, but there isn’t any real taboo about it either.  At the pool where I swim laps, there are LOTS of hot guys in speedos and it is kind of weird for someone who is swimming laps not to be wearing speedos, or at least some square cuts.

Most of the girls on the beach are wearing bikinis but no g-strings unfortunately….  I’d love to know where these guys are, speedos and g-strings!!!!  It is Dave’s Happy Place.

Mixed Group in SwimsuitsSpeedos and G-String Swimsuits

Now this group is obviously a fashion shoot, I’m not sure I’m as big a fan of their swimsuits.

Couples in Weird Swimsuits