Back Yard Cricket

Kip made it safe and sound and I had a great Friday night in the big smoke.

Yesterday, Sunday, the boys were about and we had an afternoon BBQ and some BYC, back yard cricket.  The back yard at one of the boys houses looks just like the one in the pic below.

No speedos but some short shorts that some of the guys love wearing.

It was a great afternoon and Kip can’t believe that even my accent sounds thicker here compared to when I left Colorado back in February.

This week it is supposed to be pretty cold so I might start looking at a ski trip down to Perisher…. whoohooo!!!!

Ow – and Alex was around as well and got along fine with Kip….. I think something between the three of us will happen this week.  I will keep you guys posted.  Actually, tomorrow I’ll post about what I got up to in Sydney.

Back Yard Speedo

Looking foward to the week

Kip and I had another big/wasted weekend, depending on how one defines these things, haha.

We partied hard on Friday night and saw the sun come up while watching the 4th Ashes test. Slept most of Saturday and then did very little on Sunday. It is OK though because town was kinda busy. It has been a couple of big weekends in a row though so I’m thinking I might try and be a little more productive for the rest of the month.

You guys know I love Monday’s though and I’m up early (4am) and I feel great and ready to tackle the new week. Cricket is on and hopefully the Aussie’s can knock off the poms this morning and win the test tomorrow. The house is tidy and Kip and I have a bunch of work to do this week. Should be some new sites online which I’ll let you guys check out as well. This morning I have nearly a dozen pairs of my white DE Swimwear to post.

Don’t forget if you want a pair, just join my site for a month, email me your username and your postal address and I’ll get them on their way. Just some extra stock that I want to get rid of so a nice little bonus for you guys.

Speedos with StripesSpeedo WrestleBeach BumSpeedo Models

Back in the Pool

This weekend has been gorgeous weather wise. It is starting to feel like summer which is awesome.

Today some friends came over to my place for a morning surf and a BBQ lunch. Then we moved to a friends place about 100m down the road to watch some rugby and played some back yard cricket. My friend has a pool in his complex and for the first time this summer we all ended up in it. It was still pretty cold and although 2 of the guys were wearing some pretty short footy shorts (stubbies) nobody was wearing speedos.

Hope you guys had a good weekend!!!

Backyard Cricket

Today is a weird weather day, it is warm, overcast and the ocean is like a pond it is so still.

I was well behaved last night and stayed in and did some work – I had a few missed calls from mates who were out at the pub. A quick swim in the ocean before breakfast this morning – the water is warming up really nice – bacon and eggs for breakfast (in my speedos of course) and for lunch I’ve got some mates coming around to watch the Aussie’s finish off the English in the 3rd Ashes Test (cricket).

There will be some backyard cricket on the cards as well – I haven’t quite got it figured out at my new place yet but we’ll work it out.

My Monday isn’t very busy so I might have a few Rums to celebrate our win. A morning walk along the beach is a great way to clear the head.