My threesome – final chapter

This was supposed to be a single bisexual blog post but I’ve ended up getting pretty turned on just writing about it and I’ve ended up getting into a lot more detail than I originally anticipated.

You can read the first three chapters by scrolling down below.

Where I left off a couple of days ago was with the husband wanted to watch me and his wife in their mariatal bed.

After a quick clean up the wife and I started making out.  Both of us were completely naked (obviously) and the husband was sitting on a chair stroking his cock.  Again, the wife was absolutely gorgeous and while we made out I was playing with her clit and she had he hand on my cock.

We fooled around for a while and then the wife told me she wanted me inside her.  We broke off our embrace and I went to grab another condom from the dresser.  By the time I got the condom on the wife was on all fours facing her husband talking dirty about how she was going to be fucked by my ‘Aussie Cock’.

I assumed the position and entered her pussy from behind to moans of pleasure and some loud dirty talk between the two of them.  It was a beautiful view looking down on her arse as I pounded her. The husband got up off his chair and fed the wife his rock hard monster cock.  This didn’t shut her up though and she continued to try and talk dirty with his cock in her mouth but all that came out was muffles.

By now I was starting to get close and I was joining their moans – the husband told me that we should both cum on her face and instructed me to let him know when I was close.  It wasn’t long.

When I mentioned that I was close the wife disconnected from the husbands cock and got on her back.  I ripped the condom off with a ‘snap’, grabbed my cock in my hand and jacked off over her face.  Being my 2nd shot it wasn’t a huge amount of cum but the wife was spreading it out over her face.  The husband was opposite me and doing the same as I just did with a similar result maybe 30 seconds after I came.

That pretty much finished things up.

An amazing experience with an amazing couple.  I got an email from them a day later saying how much they loved it and if I get back to San Francisco to make sure I let them know.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about as much as I enjoyed doing it.