Cold here in Australia

When I got back from Colorado I had hoped to get some speedo friendly weather in but it has been cold here in New South Wales (that is what we call the state that Sydney and where I live is called).  There was a little bit of snow yesterday out west which is pretty crazy.

I feel like I should get my snowboard out and find a hottub.

Sounds like you guys loved reading about my orgy last week, it was amazing!!!  I’m not sure if non-members got to read about when Adam (Alex’s boyfriend) asked me if I was up for some DP (double penetration)…. I have never tried it either as the top or the bottom but it could be interesting.

Next week I have some pretty hot DP movies for you guys which I’ve been using for research purposes of course.  Have any of you guys had DP?

Weather forecast says that Tuesday could be a potential beach day, if anyone wants to come and hang out in speedos drop me a line.

Beach Speedo Day

Anal Sex Beginner

Yesterday morning Surfer Chick and I fucked each others brains out!!!

You guys know I’m super horny when I’m hungover, one day I jerked off 10 times.  We had drunken sex the night before but since we were both keen to stay in bed we ended up fucking 3 times.

Surfer Chick likes to be fucked from behind which isn’t really my favourite but we did but one time when she was on top of me I was grabbing her arse pretty hard and she told me she loved it.

I then started rubbing her arsehole and I got a “That feels amazing” out of her.  I didn’t finger her arsehole, I normally prefer to ask permission before venturing into a new hole.

When Surfer Chick and I calmed down and got our breath back I asked her if she liked anal?  She said she had tried with an old boyfriend years ago but it hurt too much and she hadn’t tried since but she is finding that her arse is really sensitive and it has got her thinking about trying it again.

Who better to help a chick learn anal than a guy who loves receiving anal?!?!?!

I’m really excited.  I will take it slow and bring out some small butt plugs for Surfer Chick and get her started and see if she likes that.

If she does, then I think this is a pretty easy opening for a two guy threesome, one guy fucking her arse and one guy fucking her pussy.  I’ve never done that before and think it would be amazing!!!

I will keep you guys posted.

My butt plugs:

My Sex Toys

Some girls getting it in both holes:

Anal - Double PenetrationDouble Penetration including Anal

Fuck my arse with that Aussie cock

Sorry for dragging this out guys but it was really hot!!!

If you haven’t read the beginning – just scroll down to the previous 2 blog posts.

So I’m making out with the wife with my cum in her mouth when the husband walks back in the room.  He is completely naked, his monster cock is completetly hard and he is completely shaved (like his wife and like me – they had requested this in our email correspondence and I’m normally completely shaved or close to).

The wife and I break off our kiss and the husband tells us that we should move things into the bedroom.  As we get up the husband tell me that the bedroom is a ‘clothing free’ zone.  I remove my clothes (all of them) and head towards the bedroom and by the time I’m there I see the wife ontop of the husband making out.  I was still semi hard after my blowjob but I sat down on a chair and thought I’d enjoy the show.

It was intense watching these two – I know I’ve mentioned it before but this couple were really hot!!!

The wife told the husband that she wanted him inside her and she reached over to the pile of condoms on the dresser.  Sitting up she slowly put the condom on the husbands massive cock and then got up and ever so slowly slide his massive cock inside her.  By now I was completely hard again and trying not to just jack off there and then – which I could have done easily.

Then the husband addressed me – pretty much the first time they had acknowledged my presence in the room.

“Dave, wanna fuck my wife’s arse with that Aussie cock of yours?”

“Yes please!!!!”

I got up, grabbed a condom and the lube from the dresser and got on the bed.  The wife bent over her husband and gave me a great view not only of her arsehole but also of her cock filled pussy.

They stopped their thrusting while I put on the condom and lubed her arse up.  I used lots of lube and ended up fingering her with 2 fingers.  This gave the husband a bit of a chance to cool down but the wife was moaning with please as I played with her arse.  I asked her if she was ready and she moaned out.

“Fuck my arse with that Aussie cock!!!”

Obviously, these guys had a bit of a thing for Aussie cock.

I slowly entered her arse and now her moaning was loud, really loud.  Once I was inside her all the way to my balls she started bouncing up and down on the husbands cock.  It was tough to stay inside her and I couldn’t really thrust all that much but I didn’t have to for too long as I could hear the husband was getting close.

There was lots of dirty talk between the couple but all I was concentrating on was keeping my cock in her arse.

It didn’t take long before the husband was the louder of the two as he approached climax.  I knew he climaxed when the wife sat right down on his cock and stopped moving.

After a short while they husband caught his breath back and said that he wanted to watch the wife and I.  We couldn’t figure out a way to keep me in her arse so I pulled out – resulting in a grasp of air from the wife as she had 2 cocked removed from her in the space of 5 seconds.

I pulled the condom off my and wiped some of the lube off my thighes and crotch while the husband moved to the chair that I was sitting in just 5 minutes earlier.

I know I’m dragging this out guys but it is really hot and I’m jerking off at least once every post that I’ve written about this encounter.  I’m off to jack off again – I’ll try and finish this again tomorrow.  You can’t complain though – there are some hot pics with each post.