Speedo Escort

The topic of escorts came up the other day when I was golfing with some old mates of mine and it got me wondering…. have any of you guys paid for sexual services of a guy or girl?

I haven’t myself but I don’t have a moral objection to it as long as both parties are adults who are consenting to the transaction.

I remember once being asked by a member if I wanted to come along on a trip to Fiji.  He had recently broken up with a long time boyfriend and they had paid for the trip and he was going solo.  So, he asked me if I wanted to go along.  There was no pressure for sex and we both fucked each others brains out but I did think… what if I wasn’t up for sex, was it implied because of the free trip?

(I wrote about my trip to Fiji in detail – [user_account_is#guest][/user_account_is] click here to read about it.[user_account_is#guest] click here to read about it.[/user_account_is]

Here are some photos I posted back in 2006 of a college guy (22yo, pre-med) from Arizona.  If it was legal, I’d pay for some of that – hehehe.

Escort BoiSpeedo EscortGay Speedo Escort

Being an Escort

Have any of you guys ever thought of being an escort?

Not really my thing, being paid, or paying for it.  But I don’t have any problem with it, assuming it is legal where ever you are and all parties are consenting.

Here is something I wrote years ago about my first trip to Fiji.  It did make me feel a little bit like an escort getting a free trip to Fiji, but we were online friends and I paid my way once we got there (it was all inclusive so there wasn’t much to pay for).

Mana Island

This is a photo of Mana Island where Patrick and I spent the week (our bungalow was just to the left of the runway you can see there).  We were told that Tom Hanks stayed on the Island during the filming of Castaway but I wouldn’t quote me on that.

Since this story includes some rather personal details of Patrick’s and mine (yes, I talk in depth about what we got up to in our bungalow) it is only available to members.  If you are interested, click here to join now.  It has been available to SwimmerBoyz.com members for years.

Speedo Sex in Fiji

Years ago an online friend of mine, Patrick, had broken up with a long term boyfriend and had a trip planned for Fiji. With nobody to go with him and feeling a bit down Patrick asked me if I wanted to go along.

It was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, I did it again 6 months later on a trip to Mexico.

Patrick was just as nice in real life as he was online, we hit it off and both being speedo fans it was an intense week of a LOT of sex.

This story is part of the library of stories that I have on SwimmerBoyz.com – half are of my experiences that I’ve written of the years and half are from guys who have submitted their own erotic speedo experiences. You really should drop over and check them out – www.SwimmerBoyz.com.

It has been a couple of days since I told you guys what Patrick and I have been been getting up to in our speedos here in Fiji.

I’ll give you a run down of some fun we had yesterday afternoon. It was around 4:30pm and we had a higher tide in the afternoon. Patrick and I headed down to the beach from our bungalow for a swim – we have adopted a ‘speedos only’ policy whenever we are in our bungalow. The water is nice and warm and both Patrick and I have gotten nice and brown from all this sun.

There is literally nobody else in the water as far as the eye can see and Patrick and I end up play wrestling in the water. Unlike ‘real’ wrestling grabbing of genitals, pulling down of speedos and arse finger is encouraged – hehehe. As usual both of us end up horny as well and decide to take our boner back up to our bungalow.

We walk back up the beach with our raging hardons. Nobody is around but I feel very naughty walking around in the sunshine outside with my cock struggling to be released from the lycra of my black speedos.

Back in our bungalow Patrick and I put on a fresh pair of dry speedos. Time for more wrestling but this time on the bed. I’m a little taller and bigger than Patrick so I come up on top… as usual – hehehe. With Patrick pinned down I have a spare hand which I used to rub Patrick’s arse and that smooth bit of skin between your balls and your arsehole. By now Patrick is dying to cum and you guys know how much I love to tease…. It takes me another 5 minutes to successfully tie Patricks hands to the headboard of the bed with a pair of speedos – he knows that I’m going to tease him for as long as I can and he is really wanting to cum now so he does put up a pretty serious fight. His struggling was to no avail though – now he is on his back, hands tied to the headboard and I’m tying his feet to the bed legs.

With Patrick nice and secure I can go to work on im….

I start by lying my body on his, our cocks rubbing against each other, and I kiss Patrick. He is one of the best kissers I’ve ever known. The kissing lasts a good 5 minutes (without a breath) until I begin to feel our precum soaking our speedos.

Moving from Patrick’ mouth I head south to his belly button which I start rimming. I’ve never experienced this myself before this week but Patrick loves giving me a belly button rim and it feels really nice. So far I haven’t even touched Patrick’s cock or his speedos with my hands.

After some belly button rimming I get up and leave Patrick. I walked into the lounge, poured myself a scotch and turned on the tv – Patrick was moaning for me to ‘finish what I started’ so I closed the door to the bedroom – hehehe.

I figured I’d give him 15 minutes and if he was still horny I’d sit on his cock.

2 scotches and 15 minutes later I’m still hard and I’m hoping that Patrick is too. I opened a condom and grabbed the lube (there are condoms and lube all over the bungalow). I removed my speedos and walked in to see how Patrick was surviving his imprisonment.

Thankfully he was still hard and he was begging me to let him cum. I didn’t say a word, I got up on the bed, pulled his cock out the side of his speedos, put the condom on, covered it in lube and then I in 1 go I sat on his cock taking it all the way to the hilt. It hurt a bit – I normally have to take it slow – but it was worth it. I was right down on his cock and stroking myself.

I wasn’t riding up or down on Patrick’s cock at all but as I approached my own orgasm I could feel by arse clenching Patrick’s cock.

I came over Patrick’s stomach (not much cum because I’ve been cumming a lot lately) and Patrick came at the same time buried deep in my arse. With only a single down stroke I had made Patrick cum. And to think that I’m getting paid for this guys – hehehe.

Waiter in a tiny black speedo

What do you guys think of the new layout?

I’m not finished with it yet but I never really liked the old layout.

Here is a story that I have on my site – www.SwimmerBoyz.com

I wrote it a few years ago, it is fiction but it is something that I still fantasize about.

Dave Evans – the Speedo Waiter.

I saw an online ad online for “Exhibitionist Waiter for Private Party”. It was coming up to Xmas and I really needed the money. I was feeling pretty happy about my 20yo body these days – I was training for some long distance swimming and spending a lot of time in the pool. With all that training I was starting to tan up nice and I had lost about 10kgs.

Let me quickly explain a bit about myself – I’m 20yo and mid way through my college degree, I’m 6″1′, dark hair with some blonde through it and reasonably tanned. I’ve had a little bit of guy/guy experience but not much – although it always gets me hard. Ow and my name is Dave.

Back to the story…

So I’m feeling pretty confident with my body these days and this ad for the ‘Exhibitionist Waiter’ sounds like it could be interesting and I won’t knock back the money.

I replied to the ad with some of my favourite self pics of me in my speedos and jeans and some of me in my speedos and bike pants – always with a nice hard on. I received a reply within a couple of hours outlining my ‘duties’ if I was to accept the position. The guy who placed the ad – Kyle – explained to me that he was having a party at his place for a group of mainly gay friends and thought it would be fun to have some cute young waiters in speedos. Kyle was looking for 3 or 4 waiters and was willing to pay each waiter $500 for the night plus all the alcohol and food they wanted.

After reading this I got a hard on straight away – sounded perfect. I love speedos (my few guy/guy experiences had always started from scenarios where I was with other guys in speedos – mainly at the pool after training – and they had always been a fetish of mine). Kyle and I corresponded over the next 2 weeks and all was sorted for the Friday night. The details were that I was to just rock up at 6:30pm and people would start to arrive at 7 for the party. Kyle would provide the speedos and I was to wear sandshoes and socks with them.

Friday finally came and I left my place at 6:15pm. I was definitely nervous but very very excited at the same time. Kyle had told me that there would only be 2 waiters – another guy my age and myself – but he said that he would pay us $750 each for the night because of the extra work load. I arrived at Kyle’s and walked up to the front  oor. Kyle’s house was impressive – a huge house that could nearly be called a mansion. After knocking on the door I heard foot steps and the door opened. With the door opened I was faced with a reasonably good looking guy of about 30yo. The guy in front of me quickly introduced himself as Kyle and welcomed me in. Kyle led me through the house to the kitchen where he was making last minute preparations. As we entered the kitchen Kyle began to introduce me to the other ‘waiter’ Martin who was already in his tiny black speedos – and nothing else. Before Kyle could say my name the other waiter greeting me with,

“Dave, is that you man – how the hell are you?”

“Martin, buddy how are you – long time no see.” I replied as we shook hands.

Martin went to school with me and was the first guy I had ever fantasized about. He was in my class and I had thought he was good looking but, then we had a term of swimming classes and since it was an all boys school, speedos were compulsory. I remember Martin’s tight arse in his little black speedos. I jacked off to that thought for years. I didn’t know Martin had any gay inklings but I had masturbated many a time thinking of Martin in his speedos.

“You guys know each other?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah we went to school together.” Martin replied.

“Well I’ll let you take Dave upstairs and get him into his gear. I’ve got some stuff to finish down here so take your time. Don’t forget – when the guests arrive you are to greet them at the door and lead them out the back.”

With that Martin lead me out of the kitchen to the main stair case. Ow my god his arse is so awesome. In the tight black speedos it was tight and moved smoothly as he walked. I could hardly keep my eyes of them.

“So Dave have you done this before?” Martin asked as we approached the bottom of the grand curving staircase.

“No man – my first time. But I have to admit a soft spot for speedos so I jumped at the chance. How about you   mate?” I replied.

“Yeah I’ve been doing a little bit of escort work – nothing heavy or anything just the odd nice older guy. Pays better than McDonalds and I’ve got some regulars now that are really pretty easy going.”

“For real? I didn’t even think you were gay?” I replied with a good pinch of shock in my voice.

“Yeah – never really mucked around with any guys my, I mean our, age.  Its only really for the money I suppose. I’m not complaining though. Anyways – this is spare room in here. Your ‘work’ gear is on the bed.” Martin commented pointing to the pair of size 12 (28″ waist) black speedos on the bed. By this time my cock had stirred and I was half hard and really looking forward to getting into those speedos.

Well – I looked at my ‘work uniform’ and as I undid my belt and the button on my jeans and Martin seemed to make himself comfortable on the bed.

I grabbed the speedos and told Martin I’d be back as I headed towards the ensuite.

As I quickly changed in the bathroom I looked at myself in my tight black speedos and thought – wow how hot do I look!!!

Well it was time to try it on Martin so I walked out of the ensuite dressed only in my tiny black speedos, Martin was sitting on the end of the bed and was fixated on my speedos. “Wow man   – you look fucking hot in those tiny black speedos!!! Your cock is huge too.”

“Thanks man – you look darn hot in yours as well.” I said as I sat on the bed next to Martin – it was only 6:45 so we had tonnes of time before anyone arrived. “So you haven’t gotten it on with any young guys hey?” I asked Martin.

“Nah not at all hey – I’ve masturbated a million times thinking about it but haven’t really had the opportunity yet.”

“We’ll we can’t go down stairs with only one of us hard.” I said and I put my hand on Martin’s semi hard cock. Martin looked into my eyes and we moved forward and began a deep kiss. We kissed deeply and our tongues lashed – I had been looking forward to this for years now but never thought it would possible come true. Martin lied back and I was on top of him with my thigh rubbing his now rock hard cock through his tiny speedos.

Just as we lied down on the bed – we didn’t notice but – Kyle had walked into the doorway. It must have been an amazing sight the two of us pashing on the bed in nothing more than our tiny little black speedos. Kyle enjoyed the view for a minute or 2 before discreetly interrupting us.

“*Cough, Cough* – excuse me boys.”

We jumped to attention, totally surprised at Kyle’s sudden appearance at the doorway. We both began apologising profusely.

“Its alright – looks like you 2 have some catching up to do from school. But there will be time for that later. If you guys can come downstairs when your ready and start to get some drinks ready – people will start arriving any minute.”

No problem at all we replied – relieved that Kyle wasn’t upset about his 2 speedo waiters going for it.

“And the hardons are a very nice touch boys.” Kyle commented with a cheeky smile as he headed down stairs.

Martin and I smiled and decided that we would finish what we started later in the evening for sure. We jumped up off the bed and headed down stairs (still with our rock hard cocks bulging in our speedos). On the way down stairs I gave Martin the pleasure of following my speedo clad arse.

After getting some stuff ready behind the bar – the door bell rang. Martin was still getting some ice in the esky’s outside so I grabbed a glass of champagne in each hand and went to the door. The door wasn’t closed (the lock and handle were pulled back but people rang the bell anyways). As I approached the door I asked the guests to come in.

A mid 30’s guy pushed the door open and took a step inside the house.

“Evening Sir, and welcome to the party.” I said, however it was apparent that the man, who was very well dressed in black trousers, a black shirt and a black jacket with some visible gold jewelry wasn’t that interested in what I had to say as to more what was in my tiny black speedo. “Kyle is out the back just finishing off preparations – I’m Dave, one of your waiters for the night.” I tried to break the ice – and maybe break this guys stare.

I had succeeded as the man look up at me. “Hi there Dave – nice to meet you I’m Jack – a business associate of Kyle’s. You are in a bit of a precarious position there – with your handsfull and all.”

Jack was implying to the glass of champagne in each of my hands. Without giving me time to respond – Jack moved his right hand down to my semi erect cock and began to rub it. With his free hand Jack began massaging my speedo clad arse. It was odd but I can’t say that I resisted at all – it was like 2 seconds before I was rock hard again.

After about 30 seconds of rubbing from Jack on my now rock solid cock we could hear another car arrive. Jack removed his hands, somewhat reluctantly I’m sure, from my speedos and took a glass of champagne.

“I’m sure I can help you with that later on Dave. And I must say – you are a wonderful waiter.”

“I’ll lead you out the back” I replied. As I walked through the house to the back yard I knew that Jack would be admiring my arse and I was loving it!!! I left Jack at the door to the yard and got back to my duties of welcoming everyone.