Crossfit Cultists

How much is too much when it comes to being a speedo ‘beefcake’?

I personally prefer to hike, swim and snowboard.  I’ve never been a member of a gym, and I’ve never pumped any iron.  Personally I’d prefer to be smaller, lighter and faster.  Saying that, some nice muscles arms wrapped around me is no cause for complaint.

Lately it seems I have a bunch of friends who are posting all about their Cross-Fit stuff on facebook.  I don’t understand their terminology and my mates are looking fit so it must be doing something.

What is a little weird though is how it has taken over their lives.  And it isn’t like that are practicing a sport, they are just trying to be the best at ‘exercising’.  And the girls, again they are fit but they don’t look attractive in my eyes.

Like this pic below, I’d love to be in the middle of that six-some/orgy but I’m not sure I’d want to hang out with them socially.

I’m sure some of you guys do cross-fit, what do you think?


Too Much Gym

Speedo Fit

Kind of a grey old day here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and I’m up early and doing some house chores…. very boring indeed.

This summer I have been getting out and about and swimming a bunch but I really haven’t improved my fitness at all. I think that should change before winter really sets in.

I’ve got some good road trips planned later this month as well which I’m excited about – going to be a bit of a lull for a week or so but then it will be much more fun.

Anyone know of a group of guys into speedo fitness like these guys below?

Speedo Guys ExercisingSpeedo Situp

And some motivation not to have that 2nd Oreo for dessert.

Black Speedo GuyModel Benjamin GodfreAussieBums at BeachWhite SpeedosBlue Speedo

Beach Volleyball Hottie

Darn it is starting to get a little colder here. Even the sand is cold in the mornings.

With swimming, particularly in the surf, getting harder yesterday I went for a run. I’m sore as hell today and I can feel it everytime I stand up or sit down. Feels good though. I’ve set myself a couple of goals on how far I’ll run this month and we’ll see how it goes.

Pretty quiet weekend lined up for me – poker night with the boys tonight at my place but otherwise nothing much. We’ve got a long weekend here (I’m pretty sure). Anyone got something fun planned for the weekend?