Fleshjack with a girl

I do own a Fleshlight and I use it a couple of times a month I suppose.  There is a little bit of cleaning up which is a pain so I normally jerk off in my speedos and then jump into the ocean before my cum starts oozing down my legs – hehehe.

One of my buddies here, his girlfriend (now wife) bought him a Fleshlight just before she went on a 2 week cruise with her mother.  I think it was a half joke but I thought we all thought it was pretty funny.

I’ve never had a girl use my Fleshlight on me though….. if there are 3 holes available why use a Fleshlight but it could be fun.

Also – if you are interested, click here to buy a Fleshlight (that is where I bought mine from).


Strike Out

Struck out last night guys. Was a nice evening and the ex-box was looking pretty good. I actually ran into someone that I know which is the first time that has happened to me in the big smoke of San Francisco.

I thought I was in, but the end of the evening kinda fizzled so my flesh jack got a punishing when I got home.

Was an early night though and I’m up early today and I have a shit tonne of work to get done. Tomorrow night I might go out with the boys but I’ll see what happens and I might go for a run this afternoon if this weather holds – it is pretty nice out.