Sneaky Handjob

How was everyone’s weekend?

Is it approaching 10pm here on Sunday night and I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop about to watch the F1.  Alex left about 15 minutes ago after coming over for a Sunday night quickie.

Alex mentioned that he loved how I wrote about our session with 18yo Tom last weekend and Alex hopes that we’ll get to do something like that again soon and maybe Tom will take more of an ‘active’ role.

Before I fall asleep (F1 can be boring sometimes/most of the time) I wanted to share this photo with you guys.  The mind wonders what is going on with these guys and where they are?  Another great speedo photo.

Sneaky Handjob Gay

Blue Speedo Eye Candy

Holy moly did town get busy quick!!!

Kip and I went boarding this morning but barely lasted an hour before it got too busy. There is more snow on the way though and I think we’ll ski first thing on Xmas morning which I still find pretty kewl, considering growing up I’d spend Xmas day on the beach in 35C heat.

Hopefully it will be a quiet week for us and then the weekend after things will start to get crazy again – happy crazy of course.

Some blue speedo eye candy for you guys to enjoy.

Light Blue Speedo
Cute Boy in a Cute Blue Speedo
Man in Blue Speedo

Time to fix stuff

I suppose we have all had enough of the election talk so I won’t go into it, and I know a lot of you guys disagree with my option on the matter. All I will say is that I think American made a mistake and I hope it isn’t just four more years and that I’m wrong.

The main thing is that we actually work together…. Like this groups of guys in their speedos. Although the 2 guys in the boardies don’t look anywhere near as hot.

Not much has been happening here, Kip and I got hammered on Monday night. So hammered that I barely got out of bed yesterday and even today I’m not feeling 100%. I’m going to go for a walk into town once I finish this post and hopefully a bit of fresh air and some sunshine will get me back to 100%.

Mondays Speedo Colour is….. two colours

Just to change it up I thought this weeks Speedo Colour of the Day is going to be two colours…. on two different guys.

These Monday posts are just an excuse for me to post some hot photos that I haven’t had a chance to post but I can’t see you guys being too upset about it – leave a comment on what colour you want me to show off next week.

There is a whole bunch of hardcore pics and movies of speedo guys on the ‘Group Sex’ page of –