Speedo Forum Update

Since the weekend Kip and I have been working on a new server, pretty big update on the operating system which is going to be awesome but as usual things break.

The Speedo Forum is something that I’m working on right now and I’ll have it back, with some changes, tomorrow (assuming all goes well).  There is sooooo much work involved but I’m actually excited about the change over as there are a bunch of things that I’ve been holding off doing.

My site SwimmerBoyz.com is not affected at all during this change over so if you are short of your daily speedo porn fix, just swing on over there.  Today’s ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’ which features a hot 20yo guy in a pair of AussieBum speedos is from a new movie which you can sample at the bottom of the home page.  It is pretty hot!!!

20yo AussieBum Porn Star

AussieBum Porn

This is the latest movie I’ve added on my site SwimmerBoyz.com. I really love this movie because it reminds me of when I lost my gay virginity. My experience was at a friends pool, it was dark and we had both stripped off our board shorts and were just wearing speedos.

We were just messing around and the touching slowly became sexual. We ended up leaving the pool, going up to my friends bedroom, locking the door and we sucked each other off.

And you wonder where I get my speedo fetish from? Enjoy this speedo movie guys. And if you want to watch the entire clip, splash out the $5 and become a member.

AussieBum Teens

Teen Speedo Sex

Porn Star in Speedos

A few months ago I posted this photo mentioning how cute this guy is and how he kinda looks like Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber Speedo Photo

When I posted this, one of my readers/fans commented that the guy is a porn star called Allen King.  So I looked him up and it turns out Allen King likes speedos and is renowned for his bottoming skills – ie. being pounded in the arse.  He is only a little guy but he routinely gets fucked by big masculine men.

I did manage to find and purchase the rights to one of his recent movies feature him and his boyfriend poolside in speedos.

Gay Speedo Movie

What I think is awesome about this movie is that the speedos Allen is wearing, he actually wears out in public.

Porn Star in Speedos

And here are two movies for you guys featuring Allen.  The first one is his latest with his boyfriend.

If you are not seeing the movies or the full sized photos, it means you aren’t a member.  I would join just for these pics and movies alone.  
Give it a try – click here to join now.

Allen King Speedo Movie

This movie is Allen in the pool being fucked by a masculine bear wearing a suit.  He can definitely take some cock this guy.

Allen King in Speedos

Go Pro Sex

I’m just about to head down to the Beery (Terrigal Beer Garden but you know how us Aussie’s love to shorten things).  Alex is going to be out and will probably end up back at my place, but also, the neighbour chicks are coming out too so you just never know.

18yo Tom isn’t up here this weekend but said that he is hoping to get up here next weekend which would be pretty cool.  I’ll post a little more about what we got up to on here later this week.

Here is a movie that I wanted to share with you guys.  This is the latest addition to the Members area and for those of you who are members, you can watch the entire 7 and a half minutes (if you can last that long).  The movie is some amateur action from two junior lifeguards who are fooling around.  The guys start off sucking cock and then they end up fucking and you get to watch it all from the point of view of the guy standing up   It is pretty hot!!!

Joining is only $5 and just for this movie alone I think it is worth it – if you are interested click here to join.

OK guys, wish me luck tonight and I’ll tell you how the night goes tomorrow.

Lifeguard Getting a BlowjobGay Lifeguard Sucking CockLifeguard HandjobGay Lifeguards