Speedo Sex

The weather here in Colorado continues to be just awesome!!!  This morning Kip and I got up high, North America’s Highest Chair Lift to be exact and it was just gorgeous!!!

Around lunch time we were just chilling out around the hottub with our laptops and our speedos.

I was working on this photo gallery and once I finished adding it…. Kip could tell from the front of my speedos that I was working on something fun and then we pretty much reenacted this photo shoot.

PG-Pics are available for everyone….

Gay Couple in SpeedosSpeedo Sex PoolsideSpeedo Kiss

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Good Morning

How is every ones head feeling today?

I’m a little dusty.

I got into Kip’s before 7pm last night and he had a house full of people hanging out and looking forward to catching up with me or meeting me.  It was really sweet and Breckenridge might not quite feel like home, but it feels comfortable.

While I was super tired (it was 38 hours of travel from my place in Terrigal, Australia to Kip’s place in Breckenridge, Colorado), the warm welcome gave me a 2nd wind and I rallied.  I also had lots of duty free alcohol.

I didn’t last much past midnight though and I didn’t even hear or feel Kip come to bed sometime after.  I’m writing this post from his living room, he might need a little more rest before I go in there and let him fuck me.  Kip and I both get super horny when we are hungover so my guess is that today we are both going to get pounded HARD.  My guess is that it will be a lazy day in speedos watching American football (which I haven’t watched in 12 months – since the Broncos won the Super Bowl).

OK, I think I’ve waited enough…. time for some American dick!!!!

Hungover in Speedos

AussieBum Sex

I’ve seen some individual photos from this photo shoot but I was finally bought the entire gallery.

With my site SwimmerBoyz.com I don’t use one producer of movies and photos because most producers don’t do just speedo stuff which is all I am interested in (and all my members are interested in as well). It has developed into a HUGE amount of speedo content though between the movies, pics and my own library of stories.

It is all about the speedo sex though. This photo shoot is amazing because those blue AussieBums (Portseas) are my sentimental favourite speedos of all time. I was wearing them when I had my first MFM threesome with a guy/girl couple. It was me wearing them to the local pool that convinced Alex that I am Dave Evans and ever since then I’ve had many more sexual experiences while wearing them.

There is no elastic in the waist band of these speedos so when they are undone you can completely free your cock which these guys seem to have figured out.

AussieBum Swimwear Sex AussieBum Sex

The whole gallery is available to SwimmerBoyz.com members if you like what you see.

Want to watch?

So Tyler touched base with me last night and told me that for his first time he’d love to watch Alex and I and then maybe join in.

I’m pretty sure if his first gay experience is a threesome with Alex and I…. he will not be returning to the str8 side.

Sounds like fun to me but I’m between a little bit of a rock and a hard place. I’m pretty sure Tyler and Alex know each other but neither of them are sure who the other guy is since Tyler and Alex aren’t their real names. Both guys are completely in the closet, Alex has a long term girlfriend as well.

So I’m not sure how I tell each of them who each of them are. Also, I kinda think I need to tell them before they meet for a speedo threesome just incase they don’t like each other.

I’ll figure it out. And when I do, I might see if Alex can come over for Friday lunch and the three of us can speedo it up, Alex and I can fool around and Tyler can join in for his first man/man/man experience.

Three Fit GuysThree GuysThreesome in White SpeedosThree Speedo Guys