Thong Thursday

I saw this on the Twitter the other day, guys posting a Thong Thursday and I thought it would be a great idea.

The pic below is my favourite thong photo of all time.

Since I love wearing speedos in the pool and at the beach, I’m not really much of a thong guy for practical reasons but when wore correctly, they look fantastic.

Over on the, I’ve added a Thong forum at the request of some of the members.  Head over check it out and contribute if you are interested.  Joining the forum is free, just register and shoot me an email so I can activate your account (had to start that process to keep spam off the forum).

I do own one thong, just a classic black one.  In the spirit of Thong Thursday, I think I’m going to wear it all day.

Male G-String Bikini

And a white thong for you guys……

White Wicked Weasel Thong

Threesome Stories

I just got back from catching up with my old Fuck Buddy (read yesterday’s post for more info).  It was great to see her, she is super awesome and kicking arse in her life and career and sounded happy in her relationship although the guy needs to up his game a little bit if you ask me.

Enough about me reminiscing, what I want to talk about in today’s post is threesome experiences.

Last night my old Fuck Buddy brought along a work colleague of hers to dinner, I’m going to call her Anne (not her real name and I’m calling her Anne because her English accent reminds me of a friends of mines English Mum who was called Anne).  It sounded like my Fuck Buddy was trying to set me up with Anne before we all even met and I looked up Anne and she looked kinda cute.  When I picked them up for dinner, Anne looked smashing!!!

Everyone was in a great mood and the conversation flowed and I think Anne was interested in me but I wasn’t sure how the logistics were going to play out since the girls were working.  That probably made me much cooler because I wasn’t really thinking about getting into Anne’s pants.

The Fuck Buddy knows about my work and is totally cool with it and it came up in conversation and I told a funny story about a couple who run a swingers site that I’ve met, maybe one day I’ll share that story here with you guys.  That is how the topic of threesomes came up.  While readers of this blog are familiar with my view on threesomes – I BLOODY LOVE THEM!!!  I try and play it much cooler in the real world.  This part of the conversation Anne was more than happy to talk all about – the Fuck Buddy and I had discussed our views and experiences in the past so we didn’t need to rehash that.

Anne said that she had experienced one threesome with what became a boyfriend.  The third party was a girl, one of her good friends.  As Anne went into a little bit of detail about the experience (nothing pornographic, just explaining who went first and who came second) I was feeling a stir in my jeans.

The experience Anne had was something she wasn’t a fan of, turned out that both the girls had a crush on the guy and they both felt that by having a threesome they could nab him as a boyfriend.  I don’t think either girl was interested in any girl/girl contact which has to make it hard.  My best 2 guy threesomes have been when the other guy doesn’t mind or even more better, wants to have some guy/guy contact.

Shame to hear of a threesome that didn’t go down as an Earth shatteringly horny experience but even I’ve had some ones that weren’t great.

I am still yet to have my first girl/girl/ME threesome and maybe I won’t be able to accomplish all around satisfaction either…. but I am looking forward to trying.

By the way – I have an amazing two girl threesome movie featuring the guy in a speedo and the two girls in one piece swimsuits over on

FFM ThreesomeFMF ThreesomeTwo Girl Threesome


I’ve never been to an American Gridiron (NFL) game.  I think Kip is on the waiting list for some Denver Broncos tickets but when I’ve been in Colorado it is all about snowboarding, hottubing and speedo sex of course.

I really don’t understand gridiron but I am impressed that there are still cheerleaders – for a completely chauvinististic thing to still exists in our PC world I think it is awesome!!!

So, the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders were in Mexico recently and here is some photos of these beautiful women.  I’m told they are volunteers – it isn’t a paid position – that is amazing!!!

If there are any girls or couples out there who would wear this Denver Broncos Cheerleaders swimsuit, I’m sure I can find one.

Broncos Bikini

Beautiful Couple at the Pool

At the pool yesterday I notice this couple walk in together, both around 30yo I suppose and it looked like they were there during their work lunch hour.  I’d never seen either of them at the pool before.

I was in the pool before this couple, wearing a pair of black Corka nylon speedos,

You can see my Corka speedos pictured here when I was at Lake Powell last summer:

Speedos at Lake Powell

I did 2 lengths of the pool, up and back, and my goggles were quite right so I stopped to fix them and as I did I got the most amazing view of these two walking to the lane next to me, him in a classic black speedo, her in a navy blue speedo one piece.

If I had stared any longer I would have boned up immediately so I got back to my swimming.  I got glances of them under the water but nothing like that first view of them.

Just in case there is any chance they are reading this blog, feel free to reach out, say g’day or even invite me to join you guys anytime.

Beach Couple in Skimpy SwimsuitsMatching White Swimsuits