Nice Cocksox Thong

Happy Thong Thursday guys!!!

I saw this photo the other day, it is a Cocksox thong which looks great.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had a Cocksox product where I liked the front of them. Maybe my cock isn’t big enough or what but it seems like they would look perfect if I had a semi hard on but 90% of the time I’m either rock hard or soft which doesn’t seem to work right.

This thong does look awesome on this guy from behind though.

Cocksox Thong

I have one Cocksox in my speedo drawer, it isn’t a thong but it is tiny.  I can’t remember if it had a drawer string or if I lost it but even if it had one, I don’t think I could really wear this to the pool.  Maybe a nude beach though…..


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Male Pink Thong Thursday

I have never owned any speedos, underwear or gstrings that are hot pink.  I’m just not sure I could pull it off to be honest.

This guy looks awesome in his – I trust you guys are thonging it up for Thong Thursday.

Next Week I promise I’ll post pics of girls wearing pink thongs – just to make it all even

Pink ThongMale Pink Thong

Darn I’ve been busy

Yes I am frustrated because darn winter isn’t very accommodating to my speedo fetish – hahaha.

What a crazy week.  Kip sold his house in Breckenridge which I got to be a part of, a good friend of mine here in Australia got in some trouble with the law (drinking a bit too much) and I had to deal with some of that which was pretty crazy but nobody got hurt.

But, these two things have completely occupied my last week which sucks.  It is all done now and I am excited for some up coming blog posts that I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a couple of weeks now.

To start the week I thought I’d share this tastey looking cock.

Right now I don’t own a pair of ASICS speedos, but I have in the past and I really like them.  They aren’t expensive, they are lycra and the fit just seems to work for me.  Perhaps over the last 5 years, it is an ASICS’s speedo that I’ve worn most often to the pool when lap swimming.

OK guys, get your speedos ready tomorrow because I think you will be stretching the front of them from what I have planned this week for you guys.

Asics Speedos Erection

Speedo Sunday Funday

Lazy Speedo Sunday here guys, Kip and I both danced our pants off last night but we didn’t succeed in bring any company home. It is OK though because I got a txt early this morning saying the Denver boys had decided to come up to the mountains (they had been roughly planning it).

So it is probably a good thing as now we’re both horny as cane toads (how about that for some Queensland vernacular).

Dr. Phil, an avid blog reader and commenter for years, suggested in a comment last week that we put four types of swimwear/underwear into a hat and whoever pulls out what takes that position. G-string, speedos, jockstrap. What a great idea and although the four of us have our preferences, we can all play a versatile role. My thoughts are, jockstrap gets fucked of course, G-string fucks the jockstrap and the 2 speedos suck each other off 69 style.

Any possible improvements?

We’ll see how it goes.

Enjoy your long weekend guys.

Speedo YummySpeedo BumSpeedo Swimsuit