Chickened Out

Sunday night here in Colorado and it is DUMPING snow.  I’ve had a few trips here now and I’ve never seen it with this much snow around.  It is awesome.

Kip and I snowboarded a little on Saturday but it was bloody busy.  Then we went out and partied with some of Kip’s mates, ended up back in the hottub for some sloppy drunk sex (just Kip and I) and we had decided that we’d sleep in so we did that.  Then had some hungover sex throughout the afternoon.

I felt like I needed to get out and do some kind of exercise and kill the last of my hangover so I went to the Breckenridge Rec Center for a late afternoon swim. I’ve been swimming a bit back in Aussie, at least 3 times a week but swimming at 9,000 feet above sea level is a lot different.  My split times are way down.

Because speedos aren’t really done here I wore jammers but might speedo it up next time.  I think it is funny that guys will walk around the change room naked, but then put on dork shorts to lap swim?  What is with that?

The place is pretty busy so I doubt there is any real option of some locker room fun but if I speedo it up maybe I’ll get some attention.

OK guys, I think I need to pour some duty free, strip down to my speedos and get in the hottub with Kip…. quiet night because we have to get first chair tomorrow.

Lockerroom Blowjob

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Craigslist Hookup

Last night I had my first ever Craigslist ‘casual encounter’……

Kip and I did end up emailing the guy who posted on Craigslist that he wanted to hookup in the locker rooms of the Rec Center.

This was his actual post….

CL Casual Encounter

 The guy, I’ll call him Andy, sounded pretty cool.  He also likes and ownes some speedos.  Andy is in town for a couple of weeks from Texas and his family own a condo here.  After some back and forth including sending photos (members can see the actual photos – click here to join).

Yes those are pics of me in my new Turbo speedos.  I’ll be taking some more photos of them over the next couple of days.

Dave 'Speedo' EvansAussie Speedo Guy - Dave Evans

So we agreed to meet Andy at Napper Tandy’s (weird name for a pub right) and told him to be wearing his speedos under his jeans.

Kip and I headed out pretty late and the bar was really busy.  We had organized to meet Andy at 11pm and when we saw him he was even hotter than in his pics.  He is a little bit older than Kip and I but he was really fucking hot!!!

We had a drink and then Kip and I were both pretty keen to get him home and check out his speedos so we all decided to head out about 15 minutes after meeting each other….  Kip’s place is a 5 minute walk from Napper Tandy’s.  As we walked in the house Kip explained that he has a ‘speedo only’ policy and the three of us stripped down to our speedos.

Kip was wearing the new ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos that just arrived.

ADIDAS Speedos

I was wearing the Aussie Turbo speedos pictured above and Andy was wearing a pair of classic lycra speedos.  And wow did Andy look amazing in them!!!

Black Lycra Speedos

We moved into Kip’s kitchen to pour some drinks to get into the hottub and all three of us were already starting to get hard.  While Kip poured 3 ‘Breck Bourbons’ (from a local distillery) I reached out and started rubbing the front of Andy’s speedo, then we started making out.

There was no more ‘semi-erect’, we were both rock hard in seconds.  We kept making out until Kip interrupted us and handed us our drinks.

We headed to Kip’s hottub…..

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Now it is Super Bowl time – go the Broncos!!!!

Australia Day BBQ

For Australia Day, Kip (my host and server admin that I’m crashing with in Breckenridge, Colorado) decided to put on a ‘Speedo Only BBQ’ to celebrate.

Aussie Flag Speedos

Kip has had some ‘Speedo Only’ parties before and they have all ended up in debauchery, I mean, how can they not?  A bunch of people in their 20’s and 30’s hanging out in speedos all night with ample access to alcohol and a hottub…. how could that ever turn naughty?

Speedos Only

I was super excited and Kip had told me that there is a local guy that he has had his eye on for a while but wasn’t 100% sure if he is str8/gay/bi.  Lets call this guy Peter (I’m not going to disclose Peter’s real name which I’m sure you will understand).  Kip and Peter have been hanging out for the last 3 months or so since the beginning of winter and Kip thinks there is a vibe there but isn’t really sure.  Peter knows full well that Kip is gay but nobody has made a move just yet.  Kip did tell me that a week or so before I arrived Peter crashed in Kip’s spare room and Kip was super horny (maybe a little drunk) and was really close to just walking into Peter’s room and sucking him off…. Kip chickened out.

Peter arrived at the ‘Speedo Only BBQ’ and stripped down to a pair of speedo solars like the ones pictured below……

Speedo Solar Speedos

Another guest that is coming is Kip’s sister.  Kip’s sister and I have a little bit of a history…. at the last ‘Speedo Only’ party, Kip’s sister, her boyfriend and I ended up last people standing after everyone else had left.  Kip was dating a guy at the time so I was left hanging.  Kip’s sister, her boyfriend and I ended up all in the hottub about 2am and Kip’s sister had her first threesome.  Her boyfriend and I didn’t get up to anything since he was str8.  So far this trip I haven’t caught up with Kip’s sister but we talked on Facebook and she has fond memories of that night and can’t wait to catch up.

Bisexual Teens

Two of the guests that are coming are a gay couple from Denver who have a condo in town here.  They are great guys and while they are in a monogamous relationship…. they don’t mind watching and being watched as happened a couple of years ago.  Kip and I watched them, they watched us.  Of course, we had all been in the hottub and all four of us had been wearing speedos for at least some part of the evening.

Gay Foursome with Two Couples

This story is going to be for ‘Members Only’ at this stage.  Things got pretty naughty and Kip, Peter and the Denver guys (as well as some other participants) might be able to identify themselves and others so I’m going to keep this a little less private.

It was for this reason that I created the Members Blog, stuff I want to share but don’t really want it to be 100% public.  I trust you guys understand.

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