Arena Speedos

Hey guys, this is the last day to order some Arena speedos from a speedo fan who happens to have the Asian Arena distribution licence.  These are my favourite speedos right now, darn they are hot!!!

If you are interested, click here to see the directions in a post from last week to order some.

I’ve taken a bunch of selfies of me wearing these over the last week or so.  I would love to take a selfie video for you guys…. interested?

This movie (again, members get the full version but I’ve given a sample for everyone to watch), is a guy who is a little slimmer than I am but he is wearing the exact same black Arena speedos.  There are currently 8 orders and I’m going to order a red and navy pair.

Bendy Lycra People

I woke up this morning, horny as usual, wearing a speedo as usual….

It is funny where the mind wanders though right?  I saw the picture of this chick doing a head stand late last night and I was rubbing myself against the matress thinking about her doing the headstand while I ate her out, and she sucked my cock.

I got a little bit carried away and ended up cumming in my speedos.

Nothing a quick dip in the ocean didn’t fix, then I came up, poured a coffee and thought I’d share that with you guys.

I hope you had just as good a start to your day.

Swimsuit Headstand

Maybe tomorrow I’ll picture doing the same to this guy…..

Red Speedos in Bed Membership

If you are one of the nice people who showed your support and joined my blog since I created the members area, you will be receiving in your inbox a user account for my main site

You should receive your email within the next few hours.

The membership stuff for the blog has been really up and down which has frustrated Kip and myself.  The main site stuff is something we’ve worked on for years so it is smooth and seamless but incorporating a members area in a blog like this hasn’t been as seamless.

So this little gift, as part of celebrating 3,000 blog posts, is a little sign of thank you to those members who at times put up with things not going as smoothly as I would like.

I suppose if anyone decided to join in the next day or two I’d give them a free membership as well just because I’m a softy…. or a hardy when it comes to my speedo fans.

Speaking of which, I found some more photos of the speedos I went surfing in.  The are an AussieBum Gloss which I don’t think is made anymore.

And here are the ones I wore……. getting cummed on.

Blue Balls

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I hadn’t fucked the Married Guy in a while….. turns out he did read the blog post before I texted him later in the day asking if he wanted to catch up for a swim or a ???????

He replied back laughing that he had read my blog post about hitting him up and he said he’d love to grab a quick swim at lunch as he had been a little slack and hadn’t been in the pool for a couple of weeks. He blamed me for not being there to motivate him.  I suppose blowjobs in the showers at the pool after a swim is pretty good motivation to get one to the pool.

I was at the pool first and was doing some laps when at one end I saw him in the lane next to me.  I stopped, we chatted for a bit and then blew out 500m.  After our set we stopped and were talking again and he said he had to check his phone so jumped out of the pool, went over to his towel.  Seeing this fit guy dripping wet in his AussieBum speedo is unbelievable speedo eye candy!!!  Standing there at the shallow end the water is still just over waist deep which was a good thing because my cock started to stir.

After checking his phone Married Guy walked back to the pool, the front view of him wearing only his speedos was just as tastey as the view from the rear,  He stood over me, I couldn’t help but look at his package, and he told me had to fly back to work  He said he expected to be called back but had hoped to hit the showers.  Married Guy said that with a wink.

We shook hands and he got dressed and I started swimming with about a 70% erection.

What a cock tease!!!

I thought about finding a Grindr hookup or maybe hitting up Alex and his boyfriend but by the time I got home I was too horny to wait.  I grabbed a butt plug, smeared it with lube, dropped my jeans, pulled my damp speedo to the side and sat on the butt plug.  Then I loaded up the new ‘Movie of the Week‘, pulled my cock out the leg of my speedo and went to town!!!

I think I’ll have to come up with something to pay back the Married Guy for getting me all hot and horny – any ideas?

Married Speedo Guy