Jess West in Lycra

Earlier in the week I posted some pics of what is currently my biggest fantasy…. a two girl threesome, me in speedos, the girls in one piece swimsuits.

The brunette in it is a porn actress called Jess West.  A lot of her porn these days is pretty hardcore but I love her older stuff and she does wear one piece swimsuits in some of them.

Here are two more shoots I thought I’d share with you guys.

This is the girl she was featured with in the two girl threesome – click here to watch that 1 hour length movies.

Another lesbian scene – I love these black one piece swimsuits!!!

A strap on, lesbians & swimsuits

I have been jerking off to these photos for the last week!!!

It combines so many of my favourite things, Jess West (the brunette), chicks in one piece lycra swimsuits, strap ons and outdoor sex.

I once had a girlfriend who was a couple of years older than me, she was a little spitfire and looking back I suppose we were more fuck buddies than boyfriend/girlfriend.  She mentioned one night in bed, after a few drinks and some sloppy drunk sex, that she’d love to fuck a guy with a strap on.

I’ve never had a girl fuck me or ever even bring the subject up, I thought it was super hot so I bought her one.  We only got to use it twice before I moved back to Australia but it was pretty hot and the chick brings it up in conversation whenever we talk online…. she says that no other guy she has been with since has let her fuck him.

I hope you guys enjoy these pics as much as I am.

Strap on GirlsLesbian Strap OnFucked with Strap On

4 New One Piece Swimsuit Movies

I’ve been trying to get my hands on these Jess West movies for year and finally I’ve been able to buy the content rights so I can share them with you guys.

In all four clips Jess fucks this guy who has a massive cock!!!  In 3 of the 4 clips she keeps the lycra one piece swimsuit on for the duration of the movie which I really love.

Check them out at and for $4.95 you can join and watch them all.

Jess West Sucking Cock in LycraCouple having public sex in one piece speedo swimsuitBlue One Piece SwimsuitSucking Cock while wearing Black Lycra Catsuit

Fake Selfie

After a busy week and weekend I’ve finally got the house back to myself and I’m sitting here writing this wearing a pair of my AussieBum Coolabah’s – they are white.

It has been a fun week but man I am looking forward to getting the house back in order, filling the kitchen with some proper food, not drinking as much and getting back in the pool.  It is great having people around but I just end up not getting enough work done.  Speaking of which, I have 6 new speedo movies that I have uploaded which I just have to get screen shots and add to the movies page on

Anyways, I have a bunch of work to get on top of so I might not make it to the pool today but I might get on Grindr later this arvo and see if I can get laid.

I wanted to post this pic for you guys, it looks like Jess West is taking a fake selfie.  I like the idea and maybe the next photo/movie shoot that I do I’ll play with something like this.

 Jess West Fake Selfie