E is for Enema

E has been a tough letter to knock off and it was only after I watched Jackass 2 that I came up with Enema.  By the way Jackass 2 has a few speedo scenes!!!

In the movie one of the more crazier dudes is wearing a blue speedo and gives himself a beer enema with a beer bong.

When I was first experimenting with anal play I admit to giving myself a few enemas but I haven’t done anything like that in years.  I remember the feeling of my bowels filling with warm soapy water and wishing that it was my fantasy guy of the days cum filling my arse.  This was a little out there and after the movie – Will,  Amy,  Julie and myself watched it I brought up the subjet.  Julie and Will seemed a bit weirded out by it but Amy sounded interested.  From there Will and Julie went into the girls room and Amy and I started to prepare out own Enemas.

We found a hot water bottle in the cupboard (I remember using a hot water bottle back when I was 18yo) and we used the pipe out of our own beer bong.  The idea of going through this with another person was really turning me on and Amy and I had a shower – I fingered her to orgasm and she sucked my cock in the shower.

Now we were both all clean and I was still as horny as ever.  Amy was keen to go first and kneeling in the bath I hooked it all up and put maybe half a ltr of water in her arse.  And she loved it!!!  After discharging (that is the nicest word I can think of for what happens after an enema) Amy returned the favour for me.

When I was done Amy wanted another go – after she was finished she was telling me how good it felt and how she was aching to be fucked in the arse.

I ran out to the girls room and borrowed a condom – Will and Amy had finished what they were doing and were giving me a hard time.  I came back as quickly as I could and Amy bent over the bathroom sink and I fucked her HARD!!!  I was really surprised at how easily I entered her.

That was 2 nights ago – since then Amy talked Julie into having an enema which she enjoyed.  Will has been getting pressure from all three of us to try it which is great because I think it will help him warm to the idea of anal sex.

C is for Cum Shot

Back to the Alphabet Game – C was a hard one and it took the household more than a couple of days before everyone got it ticket off the list.

Since we had just knocked off Bukkake I didn’t think CUM SHOT was being too creative.  Julie has a friend of hers in the ski school – her name is Catherine so I brought that up with with Julie who thought it was a great idea but it turns out that chicks name is spelt with a K.  Cum shot it was going to have to be – unlike Bukkake though I wanted some cum.

Cum shot

Julie, Will and I pretty much knocked off C for Cum Shot together – Amy was at work and Henry had told me that morning that he and Samantha had used Cum for the letter C as well.  Now I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys on this blog – I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on AussieSpeedoGuy.com – Julie thinks it is amazingly hot that Will and I will play with each other.  With our clothes on you couldn’t tell either of us were in the slightest bit bisexual – speedos or less and it is a completely different picture and Julie has told me that she never thought that 2 guys would be so eager with each other.

Come Shot

Keeping that in mind – Will’s cumshot was shared between Julie and I as we sucked his cock together.  I paid close attention to his balls and Julie worked his shaft.  When it was my turn Julie was working on my balls and she knows me well enuf now to stick a couple of fingers inside me.  It was a pretty quick little fuck session – Will had to go to work and Julie had something going on.  Definitely no complaints though.

Gay Cum Shot

B is for Bukkake

Originally I had been thinking blowjob for the letter B but then Archie posted a comment/suggestion on my blog mentioned Bukkake.

Definition: Bukkake (from the Japanese verb ブッカケ,bukkakeru: “to douse, to pour”) is a group sex practice wherein a series of men takes turns ejaculating on a kneeling woman. There are strong overtones of erotic humiliation in this practice. When the term bukkake is used in Japan, it usually refers to a method of preparing noodles and not the sexual act.

My plan was to either be the recipient of Will and Henry ejactulating on me OR have Will be the recipient.

BukkakeSo last night (Sunday night) everyone from the house was in the hot tub except for Samantha who was working late.  Henry and Will were both wearing my new white speedos and I was wearing a pair of black speedo brand speedos.  The two english girls (Julie and Amy) were wearing bikinis.

Conversation turned to the Alphabet Game and this was the first time I’d heard anyone speak about it since I first raised it a couple of days ago.  So far everyone has ‘A’ ticked off – Amy was rather popular as Henry and Sam both had sex with Amy AGAIN and with a naughty giggle Julie said that she has done Amy as well.  Henry informed us all that Samanatha ticked off B this morning when gave him a blowjob (technically I suppose that means B is ticked off for Henry as well but I’ve got plans for Henry).

Then I threw Bukkake into the conversation…..

Nobody else knew what Bukkake was so I explained it to them – by this time I was getting pretty horny and with Will sitting on the edge of the hottub in his white speedos it was obvious to everyone that he was horny too (white speedos are always see through when wet).

From there things moved pretty quickly – Amy said that she would be keen,  Henry and Will said they were keen as well.  Julie was a little disappointed that she was left out but Amy pointed out that she had already had Will and I and that it was her turn.

Bukkake Cum ShotAmy was keen to lie on the side of the hottub but the light is pretty dark there and I wanted to watch Will and Henry masturbating so we took it inside.  In the middle of our lounge room Amy took off her bikini top (she left her bottoms on),  put a towel down and then lied down on her back.  Julie was sitting on the couch with her right hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and her legs spread.  Will,  Henry and I were all shirtless and he towels wrapped around our waists – with Amy in position the three of us dropped the towels and kneeled around her.

I think this is the hottest thing I have ever done!!!  I’m kneeling in my speedos with 2 other hot guys wearing speedos and the three of us have rock hard cocks and we are about to masturbate over a topless 22yo English chick.

Then we started and very quickly we finished.  Will came first,  I came a very close second and Henry unloaded before I could even put my cock back in my speedos.  With 3 loads (mine was the biggest load) on her bare chest,  Amy was playing with the cum mixing it in with her right hand.  I suggested that she give Will a hug – I was just joking but she did.  Amy got up on her kness with 3 loads of cum over her and start kissing Will.

Henry and I just kind of sat down watching this and it was only then that I noticed how much that Julie was enjoying the entire show (and herself).  I don’t think I got the smallest bit soft and Henry was still bulging his white speedos (as he does) so I told Julie that I think we have enuf for her as well.  So Julie took Amy’s place,  Will,  Henry and I assumed our positions around her with our cocks out and started stroking – Julie continued to masturbate herself and Amy was kneeling behind Will stroking him.  This took a little longer than the first time and I got to really enjoy the view.  I came first this time – then Henry and after Will took control of his cock he finished off.

Will and I headed back to the hot tub with a drink,  Henry went to bed and Amy and Julie both had a shower (together).

That was one of my most erotic experiences EVER!!!!