Blonde or Ginger?

I love this photo shoot.  The one piece swimsuits are just soooo sexy and the girls are hot.

I’m usually a blonde man but I think the red head in this shoot is just gorgeous.  She look sporty and looks like she’d be all sorts of fun.  Which do you like more?

On my site I have a bisexual/miscellaneous page where I put galleries and movies like this that I find hot.  Check it out –

Strap On

Years ago I knew a girl who loved fucking me with a strap on.  We never had a threesome with an extra guy but she loved the fact that I would let her fuck me.

It came up in conversation one night after a few drinks and we were talking about our fantasies and she mentioned it.  Staight up I told her I’d be OK with that and she was shocked – happy shocked, not sad shocked.

The next day I ordered her a strap on and a week later she was pounding my arse and loving it!!!

What was the point of this post?  Ow yeah, I was talking to her on facebook yesterday and she mentioned that she got to use her strap on again.  After months of asking she finally got her new boyfriend to let her fuck him.  She took it really slow with him and although it doesn’t sound like he is a huge fan of being fucked just yet, it is good to hear of a str8 guy being OK with it.

If you’d like to see some pics of guys getting fucked with a strap on (pegging), swing over to my blog

Strap on Girls

Girls Fucked with Strap On

Swimsuit Strap On Lesbians

Girl Getting Tied up in Bikinis

After posting the story of me getting tied up for Alex, and him making me cum in my speedos and then him cumming all over me I decided to write an alternate ending to that experience (click here to read the original which actually happened).  The alternate ending will involve my neighbour Emily…..

Emily and I have done everything but fuck and become boyfriend/girlfriend but for some reason the planets just haven’t arrived.  She’d had a looser boyfriend, I’ve been travelling or whatever came up.

I’ll be posting a piece of fiction based on what I would have loved even more to happen.

During my research for this fictional story I wanted some pics of bikini bondage and well this definitely got me hard…….

Why Were Strap Ons Invented?

While I have only been fucked with a strap on once, I am a fan.

And what a versatile sex toy…. so many possible combinations.

A girl fucking a guy as I’ve had done to me.

Pegging with a strap on

Girl on girl lesbian strap on sex, which I’d love to watch.

Lesbian Strap On Sex

A two guy threesome where everyone effectively has a cock.

MMF Bisexual Strap On Threesome

Or a two girl threesome where the luck guy gets pounded by two girls with strap ons.  I would very much like to try this…..
Guy Pegged By Two Girls with Strap Ons

Which would be your favourite strap on combination?