Swimming Thong

I still haven’t found a thong that I want to buy…. any suggestions?

Currently I have one thong (I promise I’ll get some selfies for you guys in the next couple of weeks) but it doesn’t have a drawstring so it doesn’t stay on very well and the front pouch doesn’t really old my junk in.

If anyone has any suggestions on a swimming thong please let me know.  Maybe next summer I will work on a thong tan instead of my speedo tan.

Thong Thursday

Thong Bomb

Happy Thong Thursday guys.

Just a quick post as I am writing up what happened at Masters Swimming on Tuesday evening.  It was really fucking hot.  If you don’t see it tomorrow, it is because it will be available to members only.

The people involved told me I could write about it but to be very very very discrete.

Becoming a member is only $5 – click here to join.

Thong Thursday

Couple Wearing Thongs

Happy Thong Thursday everybody!!!

It has been a while since I posted a Thong Thursday post (click here to see all the previous Thong Thursday posts).  I don’t have a thong with me here in Colorado so I’ll have to just speedo it up today… I hope you guys will give me a pass just this one time.

The couple featured in this weeks Thong Thursday look amazing…. if I wear a thong can I join them?

Thong Couple

And here they are thongless…. I think one of them has been photoshopped (it wasn’t me).  I wonder which one?

Naked Couple