Speedo Majority

There are some instances where I am the only guy wearing speedos in a group  Take my trip to Las Vegas, until Pat arrived I was the only guy in a speedo and when he arrived, it only made two of us.  A couple of times on the beach I’ve stripped out of a wetsuit to my speedos and gone for a swim in a group of friends and nobody cared.  At the pool in Colorado, I was the only person I saw speedo it up.

But, there are a few occasions when speedos are the norm, most common example of this is at the local pool where the majority of lap swimmers are wearing speedos or jammers.

When I saw the Married Guy at the pool on Friday he told me he might bring along one of his work colleagues for a swim.  Today I caught up with them at the pool around lunch time and the guy was wearing dork shorts.  Of course I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos and the Married Guy was wearing a pair of classic AussieBums.

The guy was just starting to train for a little triathlon so it was his first time getting back into the pool.

Hopefully the Married Guy and I offered some good peer pressure to him to speedo it up.  I wonder if this happens to girls when they are wearing bikinis and one girl isn’t?

Have you ever experienced a situation where speedos were the majority?  I’d love to hear your comments.

Put some speedos on

Morning Boners

This morning I was lying in bed, horny, wearing my red speedos thinking I should jerk off.

Then I though…. I haven’t seen the Married Guy for ages.  Maybe I should save this load of cum in the event that I might need it later.  So I got out of bed, my erection straining the front of my red AussieBum speedos, went to the bathroom  Then I opened my back door and sprinted the 80 meters or so to the waters edge and dived in.  The sand felt cold, the water wasn’t too bad.

I swam out past the breakers, no swell at all because of the offshore wind.  There were a few people visible up and down the beach but not many at all at 7:15am on a Thursday morning.

By now my hard on had subsided so I walked back up to my little shack.  Usually I’d use the outdoor shower but this morning I went inside for a nice warm shower.  Ten minutes after getting out of the shower I am sitting here writing this blog post for you guys.

In a couple of hours I’ll text the married guy and see if he is up for a swim (or just a fuck) later today, although he might read this first.

How do you guys deal with your morning boners?  Usually I jerk off of course.

AussieBum Fight

Too cold for speedos

This morning I was up super early (5:30am), it was dark and cold.

I was supposed to meet the Married Guy at the pool for a masters swim training session.

I didn’t make it, the pool is heated but being cold was just so unmotivating.  I texted the Married Guy and got back in my warm bed and slept for another 3 hours.

Turns out he did make it to the pool and has been texting me all day giving me a hard time for being a pussy.  I told him if he wants to swing by my place after work I’ll make it up to him…..  he replied saying that I should probably skip lunch because of the load that he is going to make me guzzle (is that how you spell guzzle?  I don’t think I have ever written that down).

SpeedosAngry Speedo ManSpeedo Anger

Lockerroom Sex

My experiences lately with the Married Guy have been in public lockerroom which has been something I’ve done at different times for years.

My first threesome was in a steam room at a hotel albeit after hours and we snuck in.

Other than that threesome (which was with a guy/girl couple), I’ve never had public sex like that with a girl but think it would be pretty hot.

Here are some screen shots of a movie that Kip added on his site BisexualMoviesPage.comclick here to go directly to the movie.