Horny and Not so Horny

I find it strange how sometimes I’m super horny, like jerking off half a dozen times a day horny.

Then other times I’ll go two or maybe sometimes three days without cumming.

I think the factor for me is how busy I am.  Lately I have been busy (hence a lack of blog posting) and I have not been horny.  So today, I am dedicating myself to working here on the blog.  My first task was to setup a new Movie of the Week.

How I choose the Movie of the Week is by going through the movie archive on my site SpeedoFetish.com and finding something that I like.  Usually it is something I haven’t watched for a while, there is over 100 hours of speedo porn there.  Today I starting watching a movie I added earlier in the year titled Hottub Bear.  It is really fucking hot!!!

Very cute twink and a old bearish guy in the hottub. Twink is wearing a cute pink speedo, bear is wearing classic red speedos.

The bear is a top and after sucking his fat cock, the twink bends over and takes an arse pounding for the ages.

I got two minutes and forty-three seconds into this movie (where the last screen shot of the bear with his hand sliding down the front of the twinks speedo) and I was 100% horny again.  Since I haven’t jerked off for a couple of days I know I have a huge load building up and I want to share it.

So I texted my Married Guy “Wanna fuck me?”

His reply came through in seconds “I thought you’ve never ask, I’m knocking off early today, will be at your place around 1pm.”

I think my non-horny spell is over.  I’m going to see if I can make a run from my place to the ocean with my cock straining the front of my speedo and cool down a little bit.

If you are feeling not very horny, I can guarantee that looking at the movies on SpeedoFetish.com will help you out.

And for blog members, I’m feeling horny and want to share it with you so here is fulltwenty-two minute movie for you guys.  If you want to watch this click here to join now or swing over to SpeedoFetish.com.

Hot Tub Bear and Speedo Twink

Spontaneous Boners

Spontaneous erections and ejaculations came up on the SpeedoForum.org in a discussion and it got me thinking about a day at the pool last week which I meant to tell you guys about.

While I have never had a spontaneous ejaculation, I do get uncontrolled/intended erections in speedos.

Last week I went to the pool and had arranged with the Married Guy to maybe hook up afterward in the change rooms. I got there early and usually I just wear shorts over my speedos and leave them near the edge of the pool but it was kind of drizzling rain so I went into the change rooms which are a little walk from the pool.

There was a few people in the pool but otherwise no one around. I pulled down my jeans, I was wearing my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos under them. Grabbed my goggles and started walking to the pool.

My the time I walked the 50m from when I took my jeans off to the edge of the pool, I was 90% erect!!! Just the feeling of being outdoor in speedos, the feeling of being out in the open wearing very little is such a turn on for me. I didn’t waste anytime getting the water and as soon as I started swimming my cock calmed down a little bit.

However, after swimming for nearly an hour the Married Guy and I walked back to the change rooms, he had a towel, I had nothing. On the walk back I was hard again despite being a little cool. But that was knowing what he and I were about to do in the change rooms.

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Blowing the Married Guy

Visible Penis LineSpontaneous ErectionCock poking outCocking and SpeedosVisible Cock in Speedos

Speedo Majority

There are some instances where I am the only guy wearing speedos in a group  Take my trip to Las Vegas, until Pat arrived I was the only guy in a speedo and when he arrived, it only made two of us.  A couple of times on the beach I’ve stripped out of a wetsuit to my speedos and gone for a swim in a group of friends and nobody cared.  At the pool in Colorado, I was the only person I saw speedo it up.

But, there are a few occasions when speedos are the norm, most common example of this is at the local pool where the majority of lap swimmers are wearing speedos or jammers.

When I saw the Married Guy at the pool on Friday he told me he might bring along one of his work colleagues for a swim.  Today I caught up with them at the pool around lunch time and the guy was wearing dork shorts.  Of course I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos and the Married Guy was wearing a pair of classic AussieBums.

The guy was just starting to train for a little triathlon so it was his first time getting back into the pool.

Hopefully the Married Guy and I offered some good peer pressure to him to speedo it up.  I wonder if this happens to girls when they are wearing bikinis and one girl isn’t?

Have you ever experienced a situation where speedos were the majority?  I’d love to hear your comments.

Put some speedos on

Morning Boners

This morning I was lying in bed, horny, wearing my red speedos thinking I should jerk off.

Then I though…. I haven’t seen the Married Guy for ages.  Maybe I should save this load of cum in the event that I might need it later.  So I got out of bed, my erection straining the front of my red AussieBum speedos, went to the bathroom  Then I opened my back door and sprinted the 80 meters or so to the waters edge and dived in.  The sand felt cold, the water wasn’t too bad.

I swam out past the breakers, no swell at all because of the offshore wind.  There were a few people visible up and down the beach but not many at all at 7:15am on a Thursday morning.

By now my hard on had subsided so I walked back up to my little shack.  Usually I’d use the outdoor shower but this morning I went inside for a nice warm shower.  Ten minutes after getting out of the shower I am sitting here writing this blog post for you guys.

In a couple of hours I’ll text the married guy and see if he is up for a swim (or just a fuck) later today, although he might read this first.

How do you guys deal with your morning boners?  Usually I jerk off of course.

AussieBum Fight