All Cummers Welcome

I just walked back in the door here in Breck after an awesome 4 day weekend.

Moab was great, rained a little on Saturday morning which delayed our start but we got enough activities in don’t worry.

It is the first time I’ve been on a mountain bike in years and my arse feels like I was tied up in the middle of a packed gay bar, butt in the air with a sign saying “All Cummers Welcome”. I can’t believe how much it hurts – it even hurt just sitting in the drivers seat of my Durango!!!

Now that we are back, we are pretty tired so a quiet night and it is snowing again up here so my arse will be happy to hear that I won’t be enduring a bike seat for a little while.

Couple of scenic pics for you guys.

(If you want some speedo pics – click here for today’s “Speedo Photo of the Day”)

Double ArchMoab Mountain BikingDouble Arch - Moab

Red Rocks, Red Speedos

Quick post from Moab, Utah guys.

I’m up early and sitting in a cheap motel in Moab after arriving here last night. Kip and I snowboarded at Vail on the way out here and I’m looking forward, and scared of what is going to happen. Kip’s sister (I’ll tell you more about what she got up to last week when I get a chance) is organizing the trip and she has been out here a bunch.

All the red rock is really pretty and I’ve been promised that we’ll start with an easy ride. It is raining/drizzling a little bit but I’ll still take out my camera for you guys.

Speaking of red rocks – here is some red speedo eye candy for you guys. Hopefully I’ll get some time this afternoon to sit down and write about what happened last weekend.

Cock Visible in Red SpeedoRed Speedo Scuba DiverRed Speedo Guy

Tattoos – hot or not?

Sorry for not posting my detailed description of how I woke up in my bed on Sunday morning with 2 strange, male bodies in my bed but it has been DUMPING up here. Kip and I just walked in the door from riding A-Basin this morning which was awesome but a little busy (I’ve never seen the road up there like this before and neither has Kip).

This afternoon I might have some time to sit down and write about last weekend.

Ow, and we are going to Moab this weekend (or Monument or Capital Reef – I’ve never been there so I’m not sure, Kip has it all sorted).

OK guys – I’ve gotta go, I’ll talk later or tomorrow.

Some speedo eye candy – I really like this guy but it is a shame that someone wrote all over him – what do you think?

Speedo TattooSpeedo Tattoos