Amateur Model Shoot

I’ve just finished a pretty major update over on, four new movies (totaling over an hour of play time), two new photo galleries and updated the erotic stories section. is the only place you can read ALL of my speedo experiences…. well, the ones I have written about.

Once I was done with the updates, Kip and I went through the site and tested the new stuff and I was going through some of the old model galleries.

One of the first model galleries I published was of Lance.  Lance (not his real name) is a guy from Brisbane who was headed to California pursuing a career in gay porn and he asked me to arrange a photo shoot for him.  He looks young but was 21yo and I found a photographer to shoot him at his grandparents pool.  The grandparents were not home.

Back then (2001) there was no social media and Lance and I lost touch… I wonder how he went.

Here is the photo shoot…. I never heard if he and the photographer got up to any hanky panky.


I’ve watched a bunch of movies of this gorgeous adult model who goes by the name ‘Chloe’.

This week I’ve been working on a collection of Chloe’s movies and photo shoots over at (click here to check it out).  I love seeing this chick in different swimsuits, Wicked Weasel’s, one pieces and bikinis.  She is amazing and here are just some of the photos of Chloe that I personally love.

Swimsuit Model Chloe

Model Shoot

In my line of work (adult webmaster is my official title), I have a few mates who are also in the business although most of them are on the str8 side of the business.  I have a few hilarious stories that I can’t really share here that I would love to.

That gets me thinking, I have a friend and her husband run a swingers website, I might ask them if I can share some of our stories (not necessarily naughty, just funny).

The other day, another webmaster that I help out with some tech stuff send me through some pics of his latest model…..

I love my work (gay speedo porn), but I’m a little jealous of his work too – hahaha.

He introduced 23yo Jessica as: This chick is looking to began a career as an adult actress and she is up for ANYTHING!!!

Just sit for a minute and imagine what ANYTHING means……




New Speedo Gallery

One of my new years resolutions is to add more and more content (pics, movies and stories) to my flagship site –

Kip and I have been discussing it a lot (often on a chairlift) about what improvements we can make and a fresh of the photos section is something that I have been working on.

The first part of the rollout of the new system is now online and I thought I’d share with you guys a screen shot of it.I thought I should make the first photo gallery the 29 pics that I have from this model shoot.

The gallery is only available to members but it should give you guys a feel for what is inside.

It is only $2.95 to join and that support helps keep this blog free.

Speedo Photo Gallery