Speedo Escort

The topic of escorts came up the other day when I was golfing with some old mates of mine and it got me wondering…. have any of you guys paid for sexual services of a guy or girl?

I haven’t myself but I don’t have a moral objection to it as long as both parties are adults who are consenting to the transaction.

I remember once being asked by a member if I wanted to come along on a trip to Fiji.  He had recently broken up with a long time boyfriend and they had paid for the trip and he was going solo.  So, he asked me if I wanted to go along.  There was no pressure for sex and we both fucked each others brains out but I did think… what if I wasn’t up for sex, was it implied because of the free trip?

(I wrote about my trip to Fiji in detail – [user_account_is#guest][/user_account_is] click here to read about it.[user_account_is#guest] click here to read about it.[/user_account_is]

Here are some photos I posted back in 2006 of a college guy (22yo, pre-med) from Arizona.  If it was legal, I’d pay for some of that – hehehe.

Escort BoiSpeedo EscortGay Speedo Escort

Selfies for Grindr

The Beautiful Brunette didn’t show up for the BBQ on Sunday which was a shame.  I’m told she had something else on so wasn’t brushing us off.

Kip and I are thinking of heading down to Sydney later in the week to have a good look around.  We did have an idea to find some lovely Sydney boy to show us around and have some fun back at our hotel room…..

Those of you who are long time readers will know how much success I’ve had using Grindr over the last 2 years or so and that will be our go-to for Sydney.  Only problem is, Kip and I only have photos of the two of us in snowboarding gear.

Our plan for today, apart from working 14 hours, is to take some selfies.  Any ideas/suggestions?  Grindr doesn’t allow anything too naughty, they once didn’t allow a selfie I took of me in the mirror wearing a black speedo which I was though was a bit of over kill.

Navy ADIDAS SpeedoNavy ADIDAS Swimwear

Cumming in Speedos

Yesterday I had a fantastic day.

I posted out all the DE Swimwear, I got a stack of work done (SwimmerBoyz.com will be enjoying the new speedo movies), I got some boring chores done as well like my travel insurance and put a new wireless router in the house.

Since I was up at 4am though watching the cricket I was pretty buggered and before dinner I had a little lie down on the couch.

Kip’s place is very speedo friendly. Most of the time the two of us are walking around only wearing speedos. So when I went for a little lie down yesterday afternoon I was only wearing a pair of navy arena speedos. I was out like a light but woke up maybe 45 minutes later to see Kip working his mouth magic on the lycra of my speedos.

Hard as a rock it didn’t take long until I came in the speedos which is something I love doing!!!

After a quick speedo change we had a hottub and a beer before dinner. Then for two hours I returned the favour to Kip by tying his up and letting his cum in his speedos. After which I removed them, retied him face down on the bed and went to town on his arse.

No good deed goes unrewarded.

Speedo CumErection in SpeedosBoner in SpeedosKissing in Speedos

Another speedo couple

I have a bit of a backlog of photos that I want to post here guys so you are in for a treat over the next couple of weeks.

I also have a couple of ‘deep and meaningful’s’ I’ll share with you guys regarding some women in my life that I’m keen on but not quite sure how I can go about.

These pics below I saw when I was looking for some photos for the header that I made up last night.  Turns out one of the pics was posted on TheSpeedoForum.com as well so I dug them out and thought I’d post them up here again.

Its great to be back.

Sexy CoupleSexy Swimsuit CoupleSexy Couple - Sex By The PoolCouple having sex by the pool