Jess West in Lycra

Earlier in the week I posted some pics of what is currently my biggest fantasy…. a two girl threesome, me in speedos, the girls in one piece swimsuits.

The brunette in it is a porn actress called Jess West.  A lot of her porn these days is pretty hardcore but I love her older stuff and she does wear one piece swimsuits in some of them.

Here are two more shoots I thought I’d share with you guys.

This is the girl she was featured with in the two girl threesome – click here to watch that 1 hour length movies.

Another lesbian scene – I love these black one piece swimsuits!!!

Clubbie Chicks

My first straight sexual experience, was with a clubbie chick.  A clubbie is a person who is a surf life saver.

Growing up, I was a nipper (junior life saver) but I stopped going when I was about 15 or 16 I suppose.  Looking back I kind of wish I had stayed.  Anyway, even after I stopped being an active member of the club I still knew a bunch of people and hung out in those circles.

I had lost my ‘gay virginity’ a year or more earlier, just oral, I didn’t fuck or have a cock inside me until my early 20’s.

it was just after my 18th birthday, middle of an Australian summer and we can drink at 18yo unlike the USA.  I’m at a friends house which is barely a block from the beach and a girl called Melissa is there.  She was a year older than me, was a clubbie when I was growing up.  I knew her, but not that well since she was a year above me.

There wasn’t that many people at the house and as it got later there were less and less people.  It was my mates house and we were downstairs of this old Queenslander house and his folks were up stairs so nothing too naughty could happen there.  Anyway, somehow Melissa wanted to go down to the beach for a swim.  I’m sure there are a million stories (thinking Darwin Awards) of kids going for a drunk swim in the ocean.  Melissa and I hadn’t been hitting on each other (maybe she was and a dumb 18yo Dave Evans had no idea) but I said I was keen.

Nobody else wanted to go.

I was wearing a pair of black lycra speedo brand speedos under my shorts.

We walked the block down to the beach, Melissa was wearing a bikini under her clothes and in my drunken state I had no qualms stripping down to my speedos.  And back then everyone who was a life saver wore speedos so it was no big deal.

Melissa and I went for a quick swim, we didn’t go that far out into the surf.

As we are walking back onto the shore Melissa grabs me and we start making out.

Even in my drunken state, 18yo Dave Evans was horny pretty much all of the time and my black speedo didn’t hid anything.

We made our way back to our clothes and Melissa had brought a towel and a condom.

The idea of loosing your virginity on a beach at night, in a speedo sounds awesome.  The reality is a lot different and I did not have the skills necessary to do it well.  I did eat Melissa out for a few minutes but she was un-trimmed and I think I even dry reached at one point.

I do love eating pussy as much as I love sucking cock but that first time I was questioning it.

Sand did end up getting everywhere and despite a few drinks I came rather quickly.  Then I was horny again but Melissa only had one condom.

The most satisfying sexual experience that night was me jerking off in bed thinking about what could have been.

I suppose I post stories of my sexual successes so it is only fair that I share with you guys when it doesn’t quite go to plan.  Would love to hear about your ‘first time’.

Since then I have had more successful sex on the beach and I have had sex with clubbies, both guys and girls which was much more fun.

ClubbiesSLSC Girls

Girls Getting Dumped On

Quick before I start heading to the airport – a collection of pics of girls getting cummed on.

One interesting this about my trip to Colorado is that Kip’s sister is single.  We’ve never done anything and she has normally been dating some loose whenever I’ve been about.  She knows that Kip and I play around but she knows I go both ways.

A couple of times on my previous trip Kip would host a ‘speedo’ party and she’d make whatever looser she was dating speedo it up and they normally hated it which made it all the more fun for the rest of us.

I’ve got a surprise post for you guys tomorrow – I’ll be someone over the pacific or somewhere in transit in the US.