Real Men Wear Speedos

OMG, I have told you guys before that real men wear speedos…. here is Australian Rugby player Quade Cooper hanging out with Australian Miss Universe Laura Dundovic wearing a perfectly fitting red speedo.

Quade Cooper has a reputation for being a bit of a dick in Australia but he is a Queenslander (the State I grew up in), he is happy wearing red speedos in public and his taste in women is fantastic.  I think Quade Cooper is a bloody legend!!!

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Rugby Player in Red Speedos

Red Speedos

I have a think for red speedos – I don’t know what it is but I think a guy wearing red speedos is being a little bit ‘naughty’.  Don’t you think?

So when I saw this photo I couldn’t take my eyes off the guy in red.  He is absolutely gorgeous.  Just imagine what this chick is going to be enjoying with these two guys?

Lucky girl.

Guy in a red speedo

And, since I feel like I haven’t been posting enough pics of str8 guys in speedos, enjoy these.  More beautiful people.

Really Cute Couple in Matching SwimsuitsSwimmers in Lycra

My neighbor chick

OK so my neighbor chick, I’m going to call her Buffy (I once had another chick neighbor called Buffy – she was hot but a real bitch).

So since I got home from Colorado Buffy has been all over me and super friendly.  She has been a great neighbor and occasionally she’ll join in my BBQ’s or we’ll run into each other out on the town.  Buffy has seen me in speedo a bunch so I’m guessing that she knows I love wearing them and I’m sure she must have seen Alex coming and going so I wonder if she has any inkling about that.

I’ve never really dated a girl that I was 100% open with and I’m wondering if I should maybe try that with Buffy.  There is a surprising number of str8/married guys who read my blogs so if you guys have anything to share I’d love to hear it.

I was planning on having a BBQ last Friday but I couldn’t organize it with people out of town but I will this Friday for sure.

Swimming Couple