Santa Speedo Run

Wow, it has been over a week since I posted on here.  I think this is a new record….

I think I have a reasonable excuse though, I was helping out a friends family who has a farm up north and was helping with some fire mitigation stuff.  The fires didn’t end up effecting their property but they were concerned about it and a bunch of us went up and helped out for a week.

There was very little mobile phone server and zero internet access which sucked but was nice for a change.  I don’t think I’ve been offline for that period of time in at least a decade!!!

I got back home on Christmas Eve and as you can expect, I had a little bit of work to catch up on.

What did I miss?  I saw some photos of the tradition Santa Speedo Run…. I think there was one in Boston from memory.  Does it still exist?  Did it happen this year?  Have any of you guys participated in it?

I did read over the a guy who participated in one years ago.  He is completely in the closet but just loved hanging out at the pub before and after the ‘run’ with a bunch of guys in speedos (he did mentions girls in bikinis).

Red Speedo SantaSanta Speedo RunSpeedo Santa RunBoston Santa Speedo Run

What is your preference?

I love that guys come in all different shapes, sizes and styles and to be completely honest…. the one thing that turns me on is a guy wearing a speedo.

There is just something about it that gets my attention compared to the same guy wearing a pair of dork shorts for example.

So I suppose when I think about what type of guy I prefer I have to put them all in a speedo to start them equal……

Slim, twinkie, hippie guy?

Long Haired Hippie Guy

Muscled tattoo guy?

Tattoos and Muscles

Boy next door?

Boy Next Door

I suppose if I had to choose only one (I’d prefer to choose all four of these guys), I’d choose tall dark and handsome.  Classic good looks.

Would love to hear what you think.

Tall Dark and Handsome

Paul the Politician… how it all began

OK guys, this is the full story of how I met Paul the Politician.  Because Paul is a public figure, most of it is reserved for members.

Just to demonstrate how this story is, this is what members are reading.

You could be reading all the juicy details (and trying to figure out who Paul is).  Yes, it was an amazing experience but writing this, having it OK’d by Paul took me days so if you are interested, I would appreciate your support which you can give by being a member.

On top of the story, last weeks Movie of the Week was pretty darn hot too.  Enjoy guys!!!

Erotic Gay StoryGay Sex StorySex Story Written by Dave EvansDave Evans Gay Sex StoryGay Erotic Story by Aussie Speedo Guy

New Movie of the Week

Last weekend I sucked off a nineteen year old guy in the shower and he was wearing red speedos.  It was amazingly hot and I’ve been horny thinking about it ever since.

While red speedos are on my mind, I thought I’d make this weeks “Speedo Movie of the Week” one featuring a guy wearing red speedos getting blown.  This movie is really fucking hot.

Here is a sample for you guys.  Members can watch the full length movie (29 minutes long) – along with all the previous Movies of the Week.

If you’d like to read about my weekend blowjob experience, check back here later in the week.  I’m in the middle of writing all about it.

Red Speedo Blowjob Movie