H is for Headjob

Just a quick post guys – I’ve got an old mate of mine arriving any minute now and I’m getting things ready.

Yesterday I knocked off H – I finally got to play with Henry and Samantha at the same time and H is for Henry and Headjob so I doubled up again.  I can’t believe that Henry wasn’t the first thought I had when it came to the letter H.  It now has me thinking though about using more peoples names.

This mate of mine who is arriving any minute – his name is Ian….  Can you guess where this is going?  I’ve never played with this guy sexually but we have been out on the town back on the Gold Coast and he is going to love Amy and Julie so fingers crossed.

D is for Doggy Style

I am really loving this Alphabet Game!!!  I had thought about it for a while and I can’t believe how everyone in the house is getting into the spirit of it – alcohol is helping out there that is for sure and I’m not sure how far Henry will go with his bisexuality.

The person I’ve spent the least time with in the house is Samantha.  She and Henry are family friends from Washington State – they are adamant that they are not a couple but they sleep together.  They don’t live together in Washington State though.  I don’t know the full details and they have been getting it on with the english chicks quite often from what I hear which is in keeping with the spirit of the Alphabet Game.

Doggy Style

So on Monday Julie, Will and I knocked off C for Cum Shot.  On Wednesday Samantha was home sick (perhaps alcohol induced sickness but she wasn’t 100% that is for sure).  I rode first thing in the morning but I had some work to do so was home around 11am.

Samantha was on the couch – I just got stuck into some work in my room.  Everyone else was at work and when I came out to cook some lunch Sam was keen to have some lunch as well.

Sitting on the couch with her after we had finished lunch – she put her feet up on my lap.  I started rubbing her calf – she didn’t flinch at all and I kept moving my hand higher up her pajama pants.  Then she moved her feet off me – ow bugger – I pushed it too far.  Then Sam stood up and said to me…

“If we are going to do this – I’m going to have to take these off.”

That was what I was hoping for but not what I was expecting when she made that quick movement.

Samantha took her pants off and she wasn’t wearing anything under them.  She lied back on the couch but face down…

“C’mon keep the massage going Dave.”

I did what I was told.  I did duck inside and grabbed the bottle of KY Warming lube that I had beside my bed – I grabbed a condom as well (just incase you know – wink, wink).

We didn’t even talk much over the next quarter of an hour or so as I massaged the back of Sam’s legs and then her back.  From her back I moved down to her cute little butt cheeks.  Slowly I worked more and more on the inside of her thighs – then I felt how wet she was!!!!

“How about you get on your knees for me.”  I asked.

Sam obeyed and I started fucking her from behind.  I LOVE FUCKING GIRLS FROM BEHIND – I suppose if she wasn’t as tiny as she is it would be different but that was an awesome view.

C is for Cum Shot

Back to the Alphabet Game – C was a hard one and it took the household more than a couple of days before everyone got it ticket off the list.

Since we had just knocked off Bukkake I didn’t think CUM SHOT was being too creative.  Julie has a friend of hers in the ski school – her name is Catherine so I brought that up with with Julie who thought it was a great idea but it turns out that chicks name is spelt with a K.  Cum shot it was going to have to be – unlike Bukkake though I wanted some cum.

Cum shot

Julie, Will and I pretty much knocked off C for Cum Shot together – Amy was at work and Henry had told me that morning that he and Samantha had used Cum for the letter C as well.  Now I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys on this blog – I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on AussieSpeedoGuy.com – Julie thinks it is amazingly hot that Will and I will play with each other.  With our clothes on you couldn’t tell either of us were in the slightest bit bisexual – speedos or less and it is a completely different picture and Julie has told me that she never thought that 2 guys would be so eager with each other.

Come Shot

Keeping that in mind – Will’s cumshot was shared between Julie and I as we sucked his cock together.  I paid close attention to his balls and Julie worked his shaft.  When it was my turn Julie was working on my balls and she knows me well enuf now to stick a couple of fingers inside me.  It was a pretty quick little fuck session – Will had to go to work and Julie had something going on.  Definitely no complaints though.

Gay Cum Shot