Happy Xmas Everyone

Just a quick note to wish you guys a Merry Christmas.

It has been a great year and I have to thank you guys for all your support.

I’m looking forward to just as much fun in 2014.

Here are some pics from the Santa Speedo Runs that have been going on around the US.  Did any of you guys enter?  I didn’t hear of one in Denver and I’m not sure the cold wouldn’t be very beneficial.

Santa SpeedoSanta Speedo RunSanta

The Santa Speedo Run

To everyone in the southern hemisphere, Merry Xmas.

Only Xmas eve here and it is kinda wintery with overcast skies and a few flurries. I just spoke with a friend on the Central NSW Coast (nearly 9am there) and he said it was overcast there as well. Bit of a shame but he said they were having a good summer thus far.

I was wondering, did anyone do an Xmas Santa Speedo Run this year? I didn’t hear a whole lot about it but this is something that I think I need to do. I’m not sure where I’ll be next Xmas but if I’m in the US, I think I really should do this – being the speedo enthusiast that I am of course.

If anyone did, post some pics over on TheSpeedoForum.com.

Have a great day to all my mates in Australia and tomorrow I’ll wish all my Nth American friends a merry Xmas.

Santa Speedo Run
The Santa Speedo Run
Speedo Run

SwimmerBoyz Xmas Special

Today I finished all my Xmas shopping – I really don’t have too much to get. Sent some stuff back to my family earlier in the month, I got some really nice stuff for my hosts here in San Fran (with a baby on the way they were easy to shop for) and I sent Kip some speedos which we’ll both get in and out of come February when I get over to see him.

I was thinking that I’ve done nothing special at SwimmerBoyz.com.

Why not the SwimmerBoyz.com 12 Days of Xmas – 12 day membership for $12. Unlimited, if your net connection is fast enough download ever single movie (330+) if you like.

Obviously, this doesn’t make very much money at all but it has been a tough year and you guys have been a great support.


Santa Speedo Run

How was everybodies Christmas?

Mine was pretty low key, some friends of mine invited me to their family Xmas dinner which was nice. The days leading up to it I was stressing out about what kind of present to get them but I got it sorted out.

It is a little busy here this time of year – actually busy is an understatement, it has been chaos in town. But that is OK with me because I’ve got a bunch of work to keep on top of.

I’ve received a few emails from guys who participated in the Boston Santa Speedo Run. It is a fund raiser and maybe next year I’ll look at supporting our own team (in white speedos of course).

Well I better get back to the coal face – sorry for not posting for a few days.