Cute Couples in Swimwear

Today I’m going to wear my new fluro green speedos to the pool to get in some laps with Alex – they are very bright and I haven’t worn them in public yet, should be interesting to see if I get any reactions.

I would love to get the kind of reaction these guys are getting from the ladies….

White Speedo SolarBeautiful People in Bikini and SpeedoSquare Cut SwimwearCouples Selfie

Spectacular Red Wicked Weasel

I mentioned Wicked Weasel in yesterdays post… it has been a while since I had the chance to buy one for a girl.  It is something I love doing!!!

That reminds me, I do have some more selfies of Surfer Chick in a Wicked Weasel and me in my red Arena speedos… I’ll dig them up and post them for you guys, maybe this weekend so stay posted.

Speaking of amateur Wicked Weasel photos, check out this chick in her red Wicked Weasel below.  These photos were a submission to their site and it looks great.  A little 80’s high on the hips but I still love it.

Red Wicked WeaselWicked Weasel BikiniTiny Red Bikini

Kip’s Selfies

There are a lot more people floating around town here and on the beach.  For those who aren’t Aussie, our school vacations are pretty much all of December and January which sucks because town is chaotic and there are lots of people on the beach.

This year there have been some more guys wearing speedos but it is still a minority here in Australia unfortunately.  Most days I go for a walk on the beach, it is a nice way to end the day or I can walk to down to grab milk and bread, I really wish that I could just do it wearing a pair of speedos but it really isn’t appropriate.  Although, saying that, at the pool when I’m swimming laps, the majority of guys are wearing speedos or at least jammers and anyone wearing dork shorts is a little weird.

My server admin Kip sent me through some selfies that he took while on vacation down in Florida earlier this year. Pics taken at the pool of where he was staying and he said he didn’t see another speedo the whole time.

Thumbs up to Kip for speedo’ing it up in public.  I’ll be over to see him and do some snowboarding at the end of January so I hope he has his hottub, speedo collection and lots of lube ready – hehehehe.

Speedo CollectionKip's Speedo CollectionSpeedo Selfie

More Selfies on their way

These last couple of weeks I haven’t been posting as much.

Just been super darn busy.  The members area of the blog is now working 100%.  I still want to make the join page prettier but it works great and that is all good, a nice way to spend 40 odd hours.

If you joined before November 23rd then your membership will not renew, it will just expire so when it does, you’ll just have to sign up again.

I have some more selfies that I want to share with you guys and yesterday I was at a friends place and stood on a set of weighing scales for the first time in ages and was pleasantly surprised, I’ve lost probably 10kgs over the last 6 months or so.  Just swimming and life as normal which is great.

I’ve got some stuff I have to finish today and hopefully tomorrow morning I can sit down, in my speedos and write some really good posts for you guys.  Cya tomorrow.

AussieBum Selfie