Artoo Swimsuit

Is R2D2 spelt like that or is it Artoo D2?

A while back I posted some photos of an R2D2 swimsuit and I found some more pics today.  I can’t believe the number of photos that I’ve been able to find of this swimsuit.

Good work girls!!!

Click here for the post with the previous pics.

One Piece SwimsuitSwimsuit SelfieR2D2 SwimsuitArtoo SwimsuitStarwars R2D2 One Piece Swimsuit

New Grindr Profile

Now that Kip is gone I think I need to update my Grindr profile and see what kind of trouble I can get up to this weekend.

Does Grindr still not allow speedo pics?  I think that kind sucks but maybe I’ll get a pic of my red speedos just showing.

If I saw this guy on Grindr I’m pretty sure he’d get an invitation to cum over ASAP!!!

Maybe I’ll have Alex over on Friday afternoon and have him take some new pics.  Anyone want to see them?

Speedo SelfieCock Selfie

Speedo Selfies is a board that I’ve run for years.  It is a great place for guys to submit their own pics, their favourite pics and share speedo experiences and questions.  I don’t get to spend enough time over there but it is free like this blog.

The guys over there are great and the forum has enough traffic that it keeps flowing pretty well all on its own.  I thought I’d share with you guys some pics that have been posted over there recently.  I love amateur guys posting their pics…. so if you are looking for somewhere to post your speedo selfies, drop on over.

It is free to join, when you do, just shoot me an email so I can activate your account – a bit of a pain but stops the spammers.

And the address is

I love that 2nd pic of the boner in the speedo solar!!!

Smooth Guy in Green SpeedoSpeedo Boner

Speedo Self Pics

Didn’t Geraldo Rivera just get in trouble for taking a selfie? He is looking good for 70yo but I think that maybe 70yo’s should not be allowed on Twitter.

Geraldo's Selfie

Here is a post of some speedo selfies – not of 70yo dudes.

This weekend Kip and I are just chilling out at home. I’m up early for a Saturday (it isn’t even 6pm yet which is crazy). I might watch the F1 qualifying and then maybe go for a hike, then an afternoon nap (I love afternoon naps!!!).

Next weekend should be a big one though – the Denver boys are coming up for a beer festival in neighboring Keystone. Well maybe Kip and I will take some new selfies later today and see how they work on Grindr tonight.

Speedo SelfieG-Banger under speedosSelf PicSelfie wearing red speedoSelf Pics