I’m still here…..

Holy cow it has been 8 days since I last posted on here, that has to be a record since I started this blog back in May 2005.

Thank you for the emails of concern… I did have to head up to the Gold Coast for a family funeral and spent a few days up there but the main restraint on my blog posting has been a huge server upgrade which has had Kip and I working a lot more than usual and I think we both work a fair bit to start with.

All day today (like 14 hours) I have been working on the Speedo Forum.  I’ve been wanting to update the forum for a while and the server change over gave me the opportunity although it has been a bunch of work.  If you haven’t seen it check it out www.SpeedoForum.org.  It is a great bunch of guys and I think the updates are really awesome.  To be honest I’m proud of the work that Kip and I did on it.

The forum is free, if you join you just have to email me your username so I can activate your account (required to keep the spam off it).

Couple of hot pics for you guys:

Firstly, has anyone ever seen these Aussie flag speedos before?  I haven’t but I like them…. I also like the body that they are on.

Aussie Speedo

Secondly, AussieBum had a sale the other week and I thought about buying these.  I’m not a fan of the AussieBum lycra speedos, they just never seem to fit quite right but these look pretty darn hot.  Unfortunately, they are out of stock so I didn’t get any.  If anyone from AussieBum is reading this and would like to send me a pair, that would be very nice.

Lycra AussieBum Speedo

OK, I think I’m going to pour myself a bourbon and coke and let my eyes readjust after a long day in front of the screen.

Speedo Forum Update

Since the weekend Kip and I have been working on a new server, pretty big update on the operating system which is going to be awesome but as usual things break.

The Speedo Forum is something that I’m working on right now and I’ll have it back, with some changes, tomorrow (assuming all goes well).  There is sooooo much work involved but I’m actually excited about the change over as there are a bunch of things that I’ve been holding off doing.

My site SwimmerBoyz.com is not affected at all during this change over so if you are short of your daily speedo porn fix, just swing on over there.  Today’s ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’ which features a hot 20yo guy in a pair of AussieBum speedos is from a new movie which you can sample at the bottom of the home page.  It is pretty hot!!!

20yo AussieBum Porn Star

Married Speedo Guys

I love it when I hear from str8 or married guys who love speedos.

When it comes to speedos, I want everyone to wearing them more and not to be just a ‘gay’ thing.

Over on the Speedo Forum (www.SpeedoForum.org) I saw a post of a guy in these tiny Neptune Specter speedos.  This guy, who goes by SU, commented that he thought it was funny when the UPS guy came to the door with a tiny package which was labeled as ‘Male Swimwear’. SU said his wife thought it was funny too.

Before posting these photos I shot SU an email and he sounds like a pretty cool guy and he said it was OK to post these pics.

Married Speedo GuyMarried Speedo GuysMarried and SpeedosStraight Guys in SpeedosStraight Speedo Guy

The wife likes speedos

Here is another experience from one of the SpeedoForum.org members.  It is surprising just how many str8/married guys are on the forum which is fantastic.

This entry was written by a couple who have been on the forum for a couple of years now and I love reading their posts and seeing their amateur photos.

My wife got used to my speedo wearing long before we were married. Early on in our relationship we were both working on a boat down in Miami and had some time off coming. We decided to book a cruise and there was a speedo authentic fitness store (remember those?) just a short walk from the marina so I went down there one day and got a black speedo solar as a surprise. I have been a swimmer since I was very young, so wearing speedos was not new to me, but I didn’t have any with me on the boat and my girlfriend was not aware that I liked them. I thought it might make a nice surprise. This is a true story.

When we unpacked our bags on the cruise ship, she noticed the suit in my things and was surprised. She said “Is that a speedo?!” To which I replied, “Yeah, you don’t like it?” She said she wasn’t sure, so I was a bit bummed. I had had girlfriends respond more positively in the past (a story for another post).

We went to the pool the next morning but I didn’t wear the speedo, just my shorts. When we settled into some chairs and sat down, she looked at me and asked, “You didn’t wear your new bathing suit?” I said that I didn’t wear it because she indicated she might not like it. “I’m not going to know if I don’t see you in it. Go put it on,” she said.

This was a surprise, so I went back to the room and put it on, and pulled my shorts up over. I was more than a little excited at this point. When I got back to the pool, she looked up and told me to pull the shorts down so she could see.

Whenever I go on vacation or to the beach for the first time in a season, there’s always a lot of self-consciousness to get over when stripping down that first time. The pool deck was crowded, I was still excited. When the girlfriend is telling you to pull your shorts off, though, you pull your shorts off. After I took them off I went to sit down and she said, “What are you doing? Turn around a so I can see.” The lady next to us winked at me. Finally, my girlfriend said, “Ok, I like these. You can sit down.”

The whole thing was exhilarating. I didn’t wear another suit for the rest of our time working down in Miami and the collection has only gotten larger.

When I proposed to her, we were in Curacao, in the hotel pool in the evening and I was wearing an aussiebum 1.5 loose and she was wearing a wicked weasel sheer bikini. I’m glad she said yes.

Proposing in a speedo when the bride to be in in a Wicked Weasel sounds awesome!!!!

Married in Speedos