Kip in California

I’m up early this Monday after a fun weekend, although my Brisbane Lions were spanked by the Sydney Swans (Aussie Rules Football) last night.

Just talking to Kip and he is heading out to California in June and wanted me to ask you guys some advice on beaches and places that might be speedo friendly.  He is heading out there for a family wedding and will be staying somewhere near Thousand Oaks, he’ll have a car and will be looking forward to working on his speedo tan after a long Colorado winter.

Anyone live out there or traveled out there and have any ideas on pools or quiet beaches that he would enjoy?

I’d love to go and join him…. maybe I’ll see if there are any cheap flights into LA.

Wet Red Speedo

Too Cold for a Speedo

This darn cold weather is starting to piss me off.  Normally winter here is full of cool days (around 20C air, 18C water) but the last week or more has been brutal.  Why the hell am I here if I can’t get out in my speedos on the beach or in the pool?

I was thinking the other day that it would be nice to have a pool but my place, although small, is right on the beach which is way better than a pool.  And I’m not sure what I’m going to do this summer, I think I might head over and see Kip in Colorado again during some of the school holidays here, it is chaos here during Dec/Jan.  Me just thinking out aloud.

Well I hope those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying some Speedo Friendly weather.  For those of us who aren’t, well drop over to and watch some of the new movies.  They should warm you up, at least the inside of your speedo.

Wet and HotSpeedo Body I WantBlue Speedos at the Beach

This is my kind of pool.  Pic is taken from a new movie on

Pool Jerk Off

Speedo Friendly Neighbour

I meant to mention to you guys that yesterday I was showering outside (there is a shower attached to the outside wall of my townhouse, it is only cold water and intended to be used to rise off after being the surf).

So I was showering outside wearing a pair of black Arena speedos and one of the neighbour chicks walked around the corner.  She wanted to know if I’d like to have dinner on Sunday with them.

She made no reaction at all and we chatted for 5 minutes or so just me standing there in my speedo.

Later that afternoon we had some beers in the back yard.  Nice to see a girl who is open minded and doesn’t bat an eyelid about guys in speedos.

True Speedo Fan

Someone new to play with

Kip and I have been pretty well behaved lately. It has been a couple of weeks since the Denver boys were in town (remember we played ‘pick the speedo out of the hat’, and depending on what speedo you got, you have to play that role).

In the spirit of keeping things fresh this morning I got onto Grindr and thought I’d see what is about town.

Turns out there are a few new guys floating about – I suppose people are starting to arrive for the winter season. We got a few replies but one that really stands out, 23yo, new to town, bottom, he is ‘speedo friendly’. Guess who is coming around for a late night hottub…..

I’ll tell you guys all about it tomorrow.

Chillin' in SpeedosSpeedo Chill