$90 Speedos

Would you buy a $90 speedo?

What is the most you would or have bought a speedo for?

I saw a post today on the SpeedoForum.org talking about Aronik speedos which look fantastic but they are $90 for a plain black speedo!!!  That is way too much for me.  Their models are super hot though!!!  More pics over on the members blog.

If anyone from Aronik reads this blog, I’d be more than happy to demo a pair of these and find out if they are worth that $90.

Ninety Dollar SpeedoAronik Speedo

Free Speedos

Last month I was contacted by the online store Mensuas and offered some speedos in exchange for mentioning them here on this blog.  That was a nice offer but I figured that maybe I should give the speedos away – so that is what I did.  Last month it was a pair of WildmanT speedos and they were won by a guy from Seattle.  This is an email I received from him:

Hi Dave,
When I came home from work today I opened my mailbox and there was my Wildman T swimsuit in the mail! 
I couldn’t believe it arrived so quickly. Of course I immediately had to strip of all my clothes and try it on. 
It fits great and the fabric feels so good and sexy against my bare skin! It’s supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend here in Seattle so I plan to wear it on Saturday sunbathing in the park...
Thank you so much for your generosity.

I will take that as a pretty awesome response, I was pretty impressed how quickly they arrived!!!

So this month Mensuas has offered 2 pairs of Cover Male speedos to give away (click here to see their Cover Male selection).

I’ll be choosing 2 members of SwimmerBoyz.com to receive these on the 15th.  I’m sure you guys understand that I love my members and of course I’m going to offer this give away to members first.  Kinda of an added bones on top of the 100 or so hours of speedo movies that are available.  Click here to join for just $4.95 and have a chance of a free pair of speedos.

Cover Male Swimwear

Another Speedo Model Shoot

In the last week or so I’ve been posting some pics from different model shoots.  There was:

I promise this will be the last model shoot for a while – you guys have been complaining too much (sarcasm).  This one is a little different but I love the bodies on these guys.

OK, I’ve gotta fly. Working on a great new project to do with this blog.  I’m going on a bit of a road trip this weekend so have stacks to do and I think I need to get to the pool so I don’t feel so fat.

This weekend is a bit of a booty call since I haven’t been getting laid lately.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you guys all about it.

Beach Guys in SpeedosMuscle Beach Model GuySpeedo Models BumSpeedo Models - Beach Guys

The cut of a speedo

I last posted on Saturday around lunch time.  I’m sorry for not posting since then BUT Saturday night turned in a HUGE night and surprisingly for me, I backed up and Sunday became another HUGE night.

Right now it is Tuesday night and finally I feel half normal again.  Nothing naughty to report, just some guys from Sydney were up and things just kept going later and later.  Lots of fun but I hate wasting what feels like 2 days of the week.

Now I’m back though, going to the pool early today because Alex can’t make it at lunch time.

My new project though it to pull my finger out and get the new DE Swimwear line moving.  I’ve got so many ideas on the product I want, I’ve had samples made up and I think there is a demand for what I can create.  On top of that, I have you guys to tell me if my DE Swimwear are good or bad.  And one last thing, I think some brands are getting a little big for their speedos when they are charging up to, and even more than US$40 for a speedo.

Here is a little question for you guys.  Which of the three cuts of speedos below do you like the most?  Helps when the 3 models are all perfect speedo specimens.

My personal preference is the one on the left worn low on the hips.

Three Fit Guys