Speedo Porn Stars

Could you imagine hanging out with half a dozen gay porn stars in speedos?  My brain melts (and my cock stiffens) at the thought of it.

The picture below is just that scenario.  The guy I know the most about is Allen King, the cutie in the fluro yellow speedo.  There are some of his movies on my site SpeedoFetish.com.  It seems like he loves wearing speedos because the movies I have of him are him in speedos and he has an amazing speedo tan.

I also think that he won some Adult Film Award for best ‘bottom’ so he can take an arse pounding.

Well, I’m going to login to SpeedoFetish.com and watch some of his porn… I doubt I will last long.

Note: I originally created SpeedoFetish.com as a place to store my favourite speedo photos.  From there it evolved into movies and because of the server costs I had to start accepting memberships.  It is the only place you can see the entire archive of my writing about my naughty speedo experiences.  Ow, and the movies archive is now over 100 hours of HD footage!!!  When I feel like watching speedo porn, I login and use the site, so there is no pop-ups or that kind of crap.  If you are interested, there is a trial membership of $4.95 which gives you full access.  Might be worth a try.

Gay Speedo Porn Stars

Porn on Twitter

As of writing this blog post, I am one short of 2,000 Twitter followers.  It has been a long journey and to be honest, I don’t completely understand Twitter.

When I first signed up I followed some of the celebrities that were popular on there but I couldn’t keep up with the crap that they posted.  It was a constant stream of dribble so I stopped that.  Most of my Tweets are just copy/paste from my blog posts or posting the Speedo Photo of the Day.

I am amazed at how many guys are posting selfies of themselves in speedos though – I think it is awesome!!!

I’m not one to post too many of my selfies…. I keep those for members (click here to join and see my selfies).

If you’d like to follow me on Twitter the address is: www.Twitter.com/AussieSpeedoGuy.  But I post a lot more on this blog so probably better to just keep following me here.

Speedo Swimmer Selfie

Undies or Speedos?

Is this guy wearing speedos or underwear?  Just before I typed that, I noticed that it says ‘Swimwear’ on the waistband but they do look a little in between.

A pet hate of mine is seeing any guy going swimming (pool or ocean or hottub) wearing underwear.  Pretty disgusting if you ask me.  But then again, 95% of the time I’m wearing speedos under my street clothes so I’m already ready to strip down to a speedo and get in the water.

Swimwear Underwear

Pressure to Wear a Speedo

Have you ever been pressured to wear a speedo?

By a girl?  By a guy?  I hear there are rules in some European countries that make wearing a speedo compulsory?

I can’t say I have ever been pressured by an individual to wear a speedo although I am definitely guilty of pressuring guys (str8 and gay) to speedo it up.

This gallery is something I saw ages ago and it seems like this woman is pressuring the guy to speedo it up…. maybe this could be a promotional tool to get more str8 guys to wear speedos.