Speedo Foursome Movie

I’ve mentioned it before that I advise for the site SpeedosNextDoor.com. The guy who runs it, Mark, does things a little differently to how I run SwimmerBoyz.com. For one he has a $2.95 unrestricted trial which I think is a little too generous considering you get to see all his movies and pics for that.

This morning I was helping Mark with a new movie which is a super hot foursome in a sauna. Speedos are involved of course and Mark has put up a sample clip.

If you haven’t checked it out go and have a look. Mark does agree with me and hates pop-ups and all that crap so it is a nice site to visit….. www.SpeedosNextDoor.com/newmovies.asp

Speedo Foursome

Red Speedos

Nothing much happening today guys so I thought I’d post some red speedo photos.

I’ve been working with Mark on redoing the red speedos page on his website SpeedosNextDoor.com. He is an old friend and has been running Speedos Next Door for a few years. Kip and I help him out a bunch which kinda makes him a client.

We share some of our content (movies and pics) and Mark does some things differently compared to my site (SwimmerBoyz.com). If you haven’t checked it out drop on over there and see what it is about – the red speedos page is looking good. www.SpeedosNextDoor.com

Cock Down in Red SpeedosCleaning the Pool in Red SpeedosRed ADIDAS SpeedosNice Red SpeedosRed Speedo CutieRed Speedos

Lots of work

Well guys I had a fantastic day today snowboarding the Sunshine at Sunshine Village Ski Resort. Gorgeous day and a great crew of people.

Funny enough though I have been doing a bunch of work.

First up I’m back on Facebook – nothing too naughty on there because Facebook is very very PG rated but if you’d like to be my friend feel free to add me – click here for my Facebook profile.

I also created a twitter account years ago and haven’t really used it but I found I had a bunch of followers. I don’t really use mobile internet much myself so I’m not sure how it will go. Do many of you guys use Twitter? Click here for my twitter account #aussiespeedoguy.

And to finish off this Friday blog post I thought I’d give you guys another movie sample from SpeedosNextDoor.com. A hot sample clip of a full length movie of two guys at the pool. No speedos involved but without speedos the cock sucking starts quicker.

Ovviously if you want to see the entire movie just swing by www.SpeedosNextDoor.com (you can see all the Hawaii Speedo Student movies there as well – just click on the ‘Amateurs’ link).

3 Guys Jacking Off

This is a late post – jeez it is midnight – I didn’t realise it was that late.

Anyways, tonight I’ve been working on some new sample movie clip promo stuff that I submit over on GayTube.com. Thought I’d share this movie with you guys. It is from AYOR Studios which is a Czech company that I have a partnership with – I’ve got the rights to publish all their movies online and they have some super hot movies.

Enjoy the sample movie and if you want to watch more go to SpeedosNextDoor.com.

Here are the movies – 2 sample clips. Click on them to watch.

Here is the 2nd clip – enjoy guys.