Strip Poker

Tonight Kip is going to be in Denver and I’m going around to his sisters place for dinner.  Kip’s sister also mentioned the possibility of some ‘Strip Poker’ if I was OK with that.

Do you guys think that some ‘strip poker’ is something I’d be OK with?

Of course!!!

I haven’t played strip poker in years but I would like to share with you guys about the last time I played strip poker.

It was when I was up in Canada years back and I was kind of dating this cute blonde English ski instructor chick.  One of my best mates growing up was crashing at my place and he was the guy I had ‘fooled’ around with for the first time ever.

I’ve spoken about my mate, we have never really talked about how we played around growing up and as far as I’m aware he hasn’t had any gay experiences since then and these days he has a long time girlfriend I expect he will marry in the coming years.  He doesn’t know about all my gay/bisexual experiences and I’ve never spoken to him about them either.

Click here to read about us fooling around.

My girlfriend at the time, had a friend of hers in town as well.  My mate liked both my girlfriend and her friend and while the girls were super nice, my mate wasn’t getting any action thus far.

One day after we had all been hanging out for about a week, my girlfriend was at work and the three of us had been snowboarding all morning.  We were sitting around my tiny living room and started drinking… there was a deck of cards on the coffee table and we started playing cards.  Games like arsehole, shithead, kings and euchre.  My girlfriend wasn’t due home for a little while and we thought we’d go for a hottub which was in the complex.

Somehow, someone said that we should play strip poker down to what we would wear in the hottub.  Sounded like a good idea.

My mate and I changed into shirt, boardies with speedos under them, shoes and a baseball cap.  My girlfriends mate changed into shirt, shorts, her bikini under those and shoes.

We started playing, still drinking and lots of laughing.

We got to a point where I was down to my black classic lycra speedos and nothing else, my girlfriends friend was Canadian and she loved it when I took off my boardies to reveal the tiny speedos.

My mate was down to his boardies and my girlfriends friend was still wearing her bikini and her shorts.  I was the only one showing some thigh.

Then my girlfriend walked in.

I hadn’t know this girl that long, sex had been great but nothing too naughty or kinky although she had seen me wear a speedo on a few occasions.  How would she react to seeing her boyfriend down to a speedo playing strip poker?

Strip PokerStrip Poker ChickStrip Poker Foursome

Getting Nude in Public

I’ve never really been a big fan of nuding (aka – getting naked) in public.  I suppose I’m a grow’r, not a show’r, my cock isn’t huge when it is on the slack.  Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time living in cold places…. which doesn’t help the first reason.

Saying that, some of my str8 buddies are big fans of getting naked in public.  One guy in particular, who is 100% str8 (as far as I know) and is engaged, it seems like every time he gets super hammered, he nudes it up.

My fellow blogger Brenton at Aussielicious is a huge fan of nude beaches and just hanging out in the nude where as I find it hotter to be wearing a speedo.

So I tell you, I’m impressed with this guy in the pics below, it is obviously an AussieBum model shoot and he seems more than happy to drop his speedos in front of that brunette chick.  Good on him!!!

This morning I’m working on some new movies which I’ll post here for members tomorrow so stay posted guys.  You can join for just $5 anytime – click here to join now.

Speedo Stripping

Sluts on Halloween

We don’t really do the whole Halloween thing here in Aussie, if some kids knock on my door they won’t be getting anything from me – ow I’m soooo grumpy.

I didn’t really know it was Halloween today until I was talking to Kip in Breckenridge and he told me he was about to head out to a party.  He didn’t have any good costume ideas but I really like this chicks idea…..

You go Batgirl!!!

Batman SwimsuitSpread Eagle Batman SuitBatwoman Outfit

Nude Rugby Guys

When I was in high school I was pretty much expected to play rugby union and I was horrible.  I think I made the D team and one week they had an E team and I was dropped down to play for them – hehehe.

I’ve mentioned before that there isn’t a whole lot of nudity in Australia and playing rugby there was no group showers or anything like that which seems to be the norm in the US.  I find this funny since US guys are so anti-speedo but are happy to nude it up in the showers with a bunch of guys.  I definitely saw that in Colorado when at the pool, guys would be in the change rooms naked but I didn’t see a single speedo in the pool.

Here are some pics of some rugby guys nuding it up.  I think the pics are from a San Francisco rugby club…. this is the kind of rugby club that I could be a member of…. even if I was only the orange boy.

Gay RugbyRugby Guys NakedNude Rugby