Speedo Update from London

Hello from London chaps.

After a bit of a cluster of a trip over I finally made it to the house last night, I was pretty buggered but slept a little and slept well last night so hopefully no real jet lag effects.

I have an update on the pool I went to this morning but I’m going to keep it member protected – just a little bit of discretion and I have some pics that I might make public in a few weeks but want to share them now.  If any of you guys went to a London pool this morning wearing your black Speedo Endurance speedos, sat out of the deep end for a while, shoot me a message (I have a photo of him to share with you guys – sorry, share with members).

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British SpeedoBritish Speedos

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London Bound

Late night blog post because tomorrow I’m off to London super early.  I’m spending tonight in Sydney.

Long flight but hoepfully some cute QANTAS flight attendants (there usually are).  I am not a member of the Mile High Club and a cute male flight attendant would be the perfect way to loose that particular cherry – hehehe.

While I have some family stuff this weekend, I’m house sitting for a friend of mine in Herne Hill so I will have some freedom and be able to ‘play’ if the opportunity arises.  If anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment.  From the maps I’ve been studying it looks like there is a 50m pool not far from where I’m staying so hopefully I’ll be able to get some laps in as well and a bunch of walking exploring the city.

Of course, any members in London, please reach out as I’d love to catch up.

Blue Balls

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I hadn’t fucked the Married Guy in a while….. turns out he did read the blog post before I texted him later in the day asking if he wanted to catch up for a swim or a ???????

He replied back laughing that he had read my blog post about hitting him up and he said he’d love to grab a quick swim at lunch as he had been a little slack and hadn’t been in the pool for a couple of weeks. He blamed me for not being there to motivate him.  I suppose blowjobs in the showers at the pool after a swim is pretty good motivation to get one to the pool.

I was at the pool first and was doing some laps when at one end I saw him in the lane next to me.  I stopped, we chatted for a bit and then blew out 500m.  After our set we stopped and were talking again and he said he had to check his phone so jumped out of the pool, went over to his towel.  Seeing this fit guy dripping wet in his AussieBum speedo is unbelievable speedo eye candy!!!  Standing there at the shallow end the water is still just over waist deep which was a good thing because my cock started to stir.

After checking his phone Married Guy walked back to the pool, the front view of him wearing only his speedos was just as tastey as the view from the rear,  He stood over me, I couldn’t help but look at his package, and he told me had to fly back to work  He said he expected to be called back but had hoped to hit the showers.  Married Guy said that with a wink.

We shook hands and he got dressed and I started swimming with about a 70% erection.

What a cock tease!!!

I thought about finding a Grindr hookup or maybe hitting up Alex and his boyfriend but by the time I got home I was too horny to wait.  I grabbed a butt plug, smeared it with lube, dropped my jeans, pulled my damp speedo to the side and sat on the butt plug.  Then I loaded up the new ‘Movie of the Week‘, pulled my cock out the leg of my speedo and went to town!!!

I think I’ll have to come up with something to pay back the Married Guy for getting me all hot and horny – any ideas?

Married Speedo Guy

Little Red Thong

I’ve often spoken about the difference between attitudes towards speedos in North America and down under.

When I’ve hung out with Kip in Colorado, when I’d go to the local pool for some swim training I was the only guy wearing a speedo where as here in Australia, not wearing a speedo would be weird if you were swim training.  On the flip side, I can’t remember seeing cock exposed in the change rooms here in Australia (most of the time I just have my speedos under my shorts or jeans, then dry off and put them back on over my speedos when I am done or I’ll leave with a towel around my waist).  In Colorado, there was cock on display everywhere.  Last month when I was there, I saw two guys, 100% naked (not even a towel), lining up to use the fancy weigh scales.

I think it is kinda funny and when I point out my experiences people think it is weird but I suppose it is just whatever you grew up with.

That was a bit of a diversion, I wanted to post this photo because it is Thong Thursday.

What would you do if you walked in on this guy taking a selfie in his little red thong?  I’d tell him to come back to my place and I’ll take all the photos he wants……

Locker Room Thong